Email Campaigns Become Powerful

You can improve your digital marketing efforts by  following these tips for creating powerful email campaigns.

Email Campaigns are the backbone of many marketing programs. But unless done correctly, you may dilute your effectiveness in clickthroughs and conversions. Everything is important, from the subject line, to the main image, to the content, to the call to action.

These campaigns should inspire readability, usability and subscriber clickthroughs. We work with you to develop timely, personal and relevant content, which increases positive responses and conversions. Emails are formatted to look their best on multiple email clients, which ensures maximum deliverability.

In addition, these campaigns may also be related to lead nurturing campaigns, which use marketing automation to deliver preconceived emails with personal content at regular intervals.

We found this article titled “6 Rules for Creating Killer Email Campaigns” so packed with insightful marketing tips, we wanted to share it with you.

When planning your marketing mix, the most important component is email. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to reach people, considering that 85 percent of the world and 91 percent of the US have an email address and check their inboxes daily. It’s also…

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