Your business can excel by better managing your brand on Twitter. Read the article below to learn unique tips on how to manage your presence on Twitter.

As you begin the process of building a branded Twitter account, you need a creative way to express just what your brand actually is. Know which communications best represents your business’s brand, how o use colors to represent you, and what content viewers want. Create compiling relevant materials like brand images, infographics, logos, and quotes all easy to find on your website to make a great user experience.

You can expand your online presence with these steps to effectively brand your Twitter account.

Community management is thrilling and challenging in equal measures. Managing a corporate Twitter account requires a clear vision, a thoughtful strategy and dedication in order to keep a brand in front of established customers, while attracting new ones….

“If you’re a brand using Twitter to build leads, convert customers, or even just create recognition, you’ve got to have a plan.” –

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