Hashtag Monitoring Tools – 19 Best for Twitter

Hashtag Monitoring Tools – 19 Best for Twitter

Learn what a Twitter hashtag is and the benefits of using hashtags for your on-line businesses communications.

Hashtags are extremely useful social media tools that can help you get more exposure, improve your social media reach and create successful social media campaigns. But knowing about Hashtag monitoring tools isn’t enough. You need to start using them and monitoring them.

A list of the top 20 Best Twitter Hashtag Monitoring Tools Available Today:

1.  BundlePost

Bundlepost is a social media content curation tool that schedules social media content efficiently. Create folders for each of your campaigns, social accounts or clients and assign the hashtags you want to use. Using BundlePost, you can automatically add hashtags on 100 social media posts in about one second. #awesome

2. TweetReach

TweetReach is a hashtag monitoring tool that lets you see how successful your tweets were and how many people they reached. You can search a keyword or hashtag and see the number of estimated accounts reached and total exposure. It also provides an activity chart, a list of top contributors, and most retweeted tweets. #superfly

3. Hashtracking

Hashtracking is a powerful hashtag monitoring tool that provides real-time insights into hashtag campaigns, including Charts and graphics, Tweets and retweets, Reach and impression, and Contributor lists. #campaignalerts

4. TweetChat

TweetChat lets you follow hashtags across Twitter and connect with the people using that hashtag. When you choose a hashtag to follow, you are directed to a TweetChat room, where you can converse in real time with others. A Smart Pausing feature helps you keep pace. #remeberchatrooms?

5. Ritetag

Ritetag helps you choose the best possible hashtags for your tweets. By adding the RiteTag extension to your web browser, you can select the best possible hashtags for every tweet you schedule online. #thispriceisrite

6. Hashtagify

Hashtagify in a powerful Twitter hashtag search engine that lets you see all trending hashtags related to a particular keyword. You can easily determine how popular each hashtag is, and decide which hashtag fits your needs. It also provides a list of top influencers using your hashtag or keyword, and pie charts with top languages and spelling variations used. #trendsthatfit

7. Tagdef

Ever wondered what a hashtag means? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Tagdef is a tool dedicated to providing definitions for hashtags. Type in a hashtag, and get its definition, as well as a list of related and popular hashtags, as well as popular hashtags. #thenewwebster

8. TweetBinder

TweetBinder is a useful tool for monitoring and analyzing hashtags on Twitter. For each hashtag you enter, you get the latest 2000 tweets. This lets you see all the latest tweets, as well as suggested related hashtags, and useful statistics. #stayorganized

9. Tagboard

Tagboard is an easy to use hashtag monitoring tool that lets you search for a hashtag and see the whole conversation around that hashtag, including mentions across multiple social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and others. #stayinformed

10. Twitonomy

Twitonomy offers both free and paid versions.  With the paid version, you have full access to search analytics for any hashtag. You  can monitor the evolution of a particular hashtag over time, number of tweets, potential reach, and a list of the most or most active influential users. You can also get top related hashtags, an interactive map, and lists of the most retweeted and most favorited tweets. #mapyourtweets

11. SocialMention

SocialMention is a free real time social media search and analysis hashtag monitoring tool that lets you easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc. #reputation

12. Hashtags

Hashtags provides insight into trending and popular hashtags. You can track hashtags and get detailed analytics. Even with the free version, you get some useful analytics, including a 24-hour trend graph, related hashtags and their popularity, and a list of recent related tweets.  #howpopularareyoureally

13. Twubs

Twubs is similar to TweetChat. You can search for a hashtag and then join a chat room where you can meet people and post messages. When you can’t keep up, you can pause the live feed and select a feed speed that suits your needs. #nobigdeal

14. Keyhole

Keyhole is a real time social tracking tool that tracks campaign hashtags, keywords and URLs. Search through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, one at a time or all together. You can see a list of recent posts, the number of posts, and obtain analytics for reach and impression, top sites, most influential users, demographics, and location. #unlockinsights

15. Twitter Tracker

Twitter Tracker is a WordPress plugin that lets you add a Twitter search or a Twitter hashtag search directly on your website. This lets you control which tweets and what hashtags are visible on your website. #thisisyoursiteontwitter

16. TagsForLikes

TagsForLikes is a useful iPhone and iPad app for Instagram users. It lets you tag your images faster, by copying and pasting them. Browse hashtag categories ranging from nature to fashion and from celebs to food. Or make your own category (with your own hashtags) so that you have easy access when you’re snapping a picture. #instatweet

17. See Saw

See Saw is a real-time social media search and discovery tool that lets you search for any topic or hashtag and visualize it. You can see all the recent tweets related to your search. Then post messages to engage with other users, retweet and favorite tweets, and highlight specific posts. #apictureisworthathousandwords

18. Topsy

Topsy lets you make real time searches for hashtags. You can see results from any period of time (the past hour or the past year). You can also limit searches so that you see only tweets, links, photos, video or influencers. #topsyturvy

19. What the Trend

To explore all the trending hashtags, use What the Trend. This hashtag monitoring tool lets you see lists of all hashtags that are currently trending, in order of popularity as well as a list of all trends of the day. You can even explore trends by location and make your own trend searches. #trendingnow

Do you use any other hashtag tools? Which ones are your favorites and which ones do you use most often? Please let us know in your comments!

Apply for a Twitter hashtag review

Apply for a Twitter hashtag review.

For best branding practices on Twitter, partner with HiveMind Studios as your social media branding agency.

What I learned from orange construction barrels about advertising…

What I learned from orange construction barrels about advertising…

Advertising Lessons Learned from Orange Construction Barrels

In this entertaining post by SGRuby, he discusses the Orange Construction Barrel “brand” and how we might learn some lessons for our advertising.

  • Construction cones and barrels are a form of advertising.
  • Construction cones and barrels are clear and unambiguous.
  • Construction cones and barrels provide a very repetitious message.
  • Construction cones and barrels can be overdone.
  • Construction cones and barrels should NOT be a “false alarm”.
  • Construction cones and barrels should be in good repair.

Prelude to an idea about marketing and advertising… The other day I was traveling in Michigan for a long summer weekend up north. My wife and I traveled up US 131 to Traverse City, then went east and eventually circled back down again to Chicago. Overall…


Pulling the Pin on Pinterest Marketing

Pulling the Pin on Pinterest Marketing

So you think you know social media. You’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. You have a posting strategy, a style, a tone of voice, and are building an audience.

Then along comes Pinterest, the fast-growing social network dedicated to helping consumers discover things they love.

I’ll tell you what: Pinterest is changing the social commerce game. Research shows that Pinterest users spend nearly twice as much money on follow-through purchases than users on other networks.

So to help you get started leveraging this new visual tool, here are some strategies to show you how to pull the pin on Pinterest Marketing so you can boost sales and create build lasting relationships with your customers.

Start with your website

Pulling the Pin on Pinterest MarketingAs with many social media and inbound marketing strategies, you should start with your website. Since Pinterest users love to share favorite products and wish list items, let them get started by encouraging sharing from your product pages. Enable them to pin and repin your products and they will increase the size of your audience. Showcase your most pinned items to increase awareness and encourage more action.

Make sure to add “Pin It”buttons everywhere: your website’s key pages, your emails, your other social channels, and any other digital marketing tactics you’re using. You can even use “rich” pins, which automatically include information like price, availability and reviews.

Develop your own pinning strategy

Now it’s time to create and curate some of your valuable content on Pinterest. This will multiply brand awareness, encourage user discovery, and help you grow a bigger base of potential buyers.

For best results, add a characteristic to your buyer personas that you might not have included before. Ask yourself what they are passionate about, then create boards aligned with those passions.

Scout out your competition and other leading brands until you have a feeling for how Pinterest users relate to these boards. In most cases, they share content that’s educational and practical.

The most popular Pinterest categories are babies, beauty, crafts, fashion, fitness, food, home decor, kids, pets, and travel. Seasonality also plays a role on what’s trending on Pinterest. Visual content around key holidays, seasonal changes, and current events drive up pins and repins.

You don’t have to limit your pins to your own sales items. Go ahead and add images you think are relevant and valuable to your target audience, even the ones that are not directly related to your brand.

Quick tips on pinning

  • Create visually stunning boards
  • Add pins to relevant categories to help users find your pins
  • Make sure images are high quality and vertically oriented
  • Create pins that link your latest blog posts, video content, and more
  • Pin consistently, and spread your pins out over time
  • Don’t forget to repin! Up to 50% of your content should be sourced from other users
  • Add hashtags to your pins to make this content searchable

Quick tips on Pinterest Marketing contests

If this all seems like a lot of work, remember that you don’t need to generate all the content yourself. One way is to crowdsource Pinterest boards through contests that prompt users to submit pins.

  • Provide examples of what you’re looking for
  • Make your entry forms short
  • Give entrants opportunities to follow your brand, but don’t require it
  • Make your copy clear, and provide easy to follow directions
  • Start with simple CTAs like “pin an image”
  • Move on to more involved CTAs once you’ve established an engaged audience
  • Make sure all call-to-actions follow Pinterest branding guidelines
  • Pick prizes that are on-brand and attractive
  • Promote your contests on other social channels, your website, email, etc.

Spark interest in your items and drive sales

Pinterest Marketing can also drive sales directly if you get proactive. Here are a few ways that have proved to be successful:

  • Give your followers a sneak peek of upcoming collections
  • Pin products as soon as they’re listed for sale on your site
  • Curate boards of your best-selling deals and gift guides
  • Make sure that all of these pins link directly to the correct item on your site

Get more revenue by measuring results

You can analyze Pinterest Marketing performance using their free analytics tool to understand what’s popular with pinners and which images are driving the most traffic to your site. You can measure your brand’s pins, repins, impressions, reach, clicks and website visitors. You can also see what boards your website items appear on, how the pins are described and what people pin along with your items. All of these insights will help you make smarter choices about what items you pin in the future.

Pinterest garners over 70 million users and is changing the way we interact with and consume information. Don’t wait another minute! Start leveraging opportunity with this powerful social and e-commerce tool!


4 Ways Images Help Boost Social Media Presence 3 Image-Focused Sites

We offer case studies that demonstrate our creative branding and web design experience utilizing strong images for a lasting impression in your audience’s mind. Images on your website have various attributes in your business’s content marketing: From the name of the image to its Title, to its Alt Tag, to its Description. If you also provide the width and height, you’ll help the image to load faster.

Re-design Webpages with Better Image Impact

The image-focused website design is one of the top 2015 web marketing trends.

To use images to improve your on-line viewer engagement, create graphics for your social marketing efforts that speak to your ideal client. Hivemind Studios expert web designers believe that images are significant in attracting potential business, especially if your business is aimed at selling competitive products or services. You have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so share your brand’s story across your favorite social media platforms.

Ideas for Image-Focused Web Design to Boost Conversions

Web trends in recent years reflect that a shift on the web from largely text-based web content to a focus on imagery combines with text is best. With the fast growth in Apple products popularity, we can learn that giving attention aesthetically pleasing images and design on social platforms like Pinterest, engages consumers. While a quest for engaging images definitely plays a leading factor in new web content trend, another factor plays into this just as strong ─ viewers decreasing attention spans. Let us help you with our strong industry focus on best practices in visual brand marketing.

Below are 4 of the best social media marketing ideas to help you build your brand presence with effective images to become an influencer among your target market.

4 Ways to Make Images Work Better in Marketing

1. Build a Strong online Presence on Social Media Platforms that are Image Rich

Choose one or two social media platforms to get started creating a strong image of your brand. Your online presence should be uniform visually on three or more platforms to give your potential clients clear messages of who you are. Once you have landed on an effective image, great the right size for the different audiences on each platform. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn offer great opportunities to establish brand recognition promote your products or services.

The right image will immediately tell viewers what product or services you offer. A simple-yet-large engaging image gives an impression that your one serious and spot-on business. Google+ is a powerful platform that lets you add large images to nap viewer attention.

2. Know How Images Engage the Right Audience on Social Media

Once you have established buyer personas from your current followers and clients, your business can further utilize the best social media platforms to share quality content. Prospective buyers respond to images that they can identify with which will drive traffic back to your web pages. Your website’s content can function as a creative branding tool that effectively converts online traffic into new customers for your products and/or services.

3. Foster Instrumental Relationships via Google+ Reverse Image Lookup

Businesses who market their services on the Google+ platform can play a key role in gaining affirming links from sites that Google ranks well in your niche. Hivemind Studios can help you determine how to use images on Google+ and build mutually beneficial relationships with high-ranking authors that Google already finds leading on relevant topics. Select an author whose image shows up next to top indexed content and form a strategy to garner a genuine business relationship with them.

If you are not familiar with the services we offer, you may even mistake our images as an advertisement for a high-end apparel or cosmetics company. We create marketing messages with images that simply ooze with visual appeal, finesse, and the right dose of drama.

4. Research and Learn from Your Competitor’s Images

One way your business can garner ideas to use on how to use images for best business practice, is to research and learn from your competitors images. You can know your completion’s marketing tactics better by observing their online activities. Watch how use images to position their brand and learn the type of digital content that resonates effectively with their audience. Then find unique methods to market your brand to uniquely replicate their reach.

One chief reason that justifies a new brand identity is much about being able to keep current with buyer driven aesthetic standards.

Use Business Screenshots for Brand Images

Screenshots may be an authoritative way to share insights and information about your company, and they will look just like your brand if you are live on webcasts. Screenshots can be effective and unique if they are of engaging content that will intrigue new fans. Be adventurous in what you try, set up metrics for reporting and see what is most effective. While no one tip on how to use images can come with guaranteed success, they will help you establish or grow your social presence if a boost is needed.

Re-design Webpages with Better Image Impact

The eye gravitates to images first on a web page. We love spurring image creativity and can help you judge which fresh image ideas to try first. A successful web design surpasses all other efforts to display images with a clear and concise message that incorporated powerful aesthetics. We have learned that what people say and do may be different. When Hivemind Studios created image content for clients, we follow it up with tracking and data to offer you more than just an opinion. We find that cluttered pages without compelling and memorable images garner less attention, and therefore, have fewer conversions.

When your business determines to create content that is more appealing, interesting, and engaging to on-line shoppers, image-centric marketing may grant the boost that is a decisive edge over your competition if they are chiefly focused on written content. Read more about our image and web design secrets. We know how to empower your to engage users long enough to stick around and become clients. You can benefit with the guidance you need to consider images and interactions together and create a final versions of your marketing messages with a solid visual design.

3 Sites Where Images Help Boost Social Media

* Cure

* The Chicago Council

* National Geographic

On average, internet users spend less than a minute on a single page. That’s quite the challenge to undertake. This statistic puts into perspective why it’s so important to have eye catching graphics to get users on your page, and engaging content to keep them there. – brolik.com

We know that the trend in social media has been image driven and that images help boost social media. We are drawn more to images than to text; you want to add the large header image to highlight your post. – JoAnne Funch, owner of LinkedInforBusiness.com.

Photos are the primary type of content posted and shared on Facebook. Photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide. – www.emarketer.com

If you want a full website redesign where images help boost social media, call us for an Image Deep-Dish Website Design.

Email Monetization: How To Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

Email Monetization: How To Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

Email Monetization – Getting the Best Return

In this post from Murray Newlands, we learn how to implement an email monetization program effectively. monetize email campaigns. Despite the fact that email presents an unparalleled marketing tool for businesses, it’s also plagued with challenges, such as deliverability, low open rates, and even lower clickthrough rates. If you’re one of the many businesses that has tried to optimize your email monetization strategies and failed, then this blog post is for you.

Email Monetization Effectiveness

Want to know just how effective email marketing is in 2014? Well according to a recent study, email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% , and is largely considered to be more successful than content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, offline direct…


What I learned from my first 100 blog posts…

What I learned from my first 100 blog posts…

Blog Posts: Lessons learned after writing 100

In this post by SGRuby, you’ll learn how he got started, kept motivated, and delivered over 100 blog posts. It’s just the read you need to keep your own blog moving. Here’s a preview of lessons learned:

  • To Get Something Done…You First Need To Start.
  • There Is Inspiration All Around Us….You Just Need To Open Your Eyes And Observe, Not Just Look.
  • Lots Of Little Steps Gets You A Long Way.
  • You Learn To Stay Positive, And Avoid Controversial Subjects.
  • You Have To Have Great Attention To Detail.
  • Building A Following Is Harder Than It Seems.
  • It’s Difficult To Stay Focused On A Niche.
  • You Need To Be Organized.
  • You Need To Find And Use Great Blog Tools.
  • Commit To A Schedule And Then Keep To It.
  • I Learn More From Writing A Post, Than I Would From Reading One On The Same Topic.
  • Reader Feedback Is Amazing.
  • Writing Posts Is Just A Lot Of Fun.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams, Sixth US president . It’s hard to believe that EntrepreneurialPractice.com has hit it’s 100th blog posting. I think it’s quite an achievement, …