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How to Get More Retweets on Twitter for Free

Retweets: How to Get Them for Free Posting regularly to Twitter is a must for nearly every business these days. But many of those tweets are lost in the shuffle. The trick is to get retweets. Retweets often lead to more influence, more followers, and more web traffic....

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Retargeting Makes Display Ads “Stick Like Glue”

Everywhere you turn, you see ads: on shopping carts (real ones), on the freeway (billboards), in airports (kiosks), in Times Square (signage), on websites (banner ads) and more. But the digital world has an advantage over the other venues. The retargeting ads you see...

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10 Great Tools to Grow Your Blog’s Presence on Pinterest

Pinterest: a New Frontier Pinterest is one of the hottest social media channels out there. Is it only for fashion? Or consumer shopping brands?  The simple answer is NO! Like any relatively new channel, the best way to add it to your already busy schedule is by using...

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5 Effective SEO Tactics That Won’t Cost Startups a Dime

5 Effective SEO Tactics That Won't Cost Startups a Dime Read these 5 Top SEO Strategies That Won't Cost Startups a Dime for some effective seo tactics and tips. Effective SEO tactics shouldn't eat up your startup's budget. When most people think about search engine...

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7 WordPress Plugins to Reduce Your Bounce Rates

Using Wordpress Plugins to Keep Visitors Engaged Wordpress provides the ultimate catalog of plug-ins that do everything. While you weigh the performance detriments of some plug-ins, you also want to keep visitors engaged and encourage them to respond to offers and...

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Creating Content That Is Refreshing To Get Results

If you follow marketing trends, you know that content marketing is all the rage. But as with most marketing tactics, the key to successful content marketing requires a bit of sweat and strategy. You don’t simply write a blog post and click “Publish.” You need to target each piece of content at the poor, parched marketer who not only needs information, but who also needs it served in a refreshing way.

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