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Teen Tech Habits: 5 Trends Marketers Should Know

Teen Tech Habits: 5 Trends Marketers Should Know and Engage Every brand marketing agency enjoys the excitement of keeping up with marketing trends. Here is packed-full article on key marketing trends. Our annual overview at the latest trends in digital media and...

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Brand Positioning: How to Stand Out from the Herd

Brand Positioning Establishes Unique Online Exposure Brand Positioning, as its name implies, involves describing the competitive context of your brand. It’s a marketing strategy that was introduced in 1969 and made famous by Jack Trout of Ries & Trout. And we...

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Email Campaigns Become Powerful Using 6 Rules

Email Campaigns Become Powerful You can improve your digital marketing efforts by  following these tips for creating powerful email campaigns. Email Campaigns are the backbone of many marketing programs. But unless done correctly, you may dilute your effectiveness in...

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7 Musts For Managing Your Brand on Twitter

Your business can excel by better managing your brand on Twitter. Read the article below to learn unique tips on how to manage your presence on Twitter. As you begin the process of building a branded Twitter account, you need a creative way to express just what your...

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Disappointing analytics? Here’s what to do about it.

Fix Disappointing Analytics At HiveMind Marketing, we believe that every marketing program should be tied to a metric from the outset. But lately, we’ve seen that marketing analytics have a dark side as well. Too much detail and complexity often leads companies to...

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The Instagram Economy | Millennial Marketing

Millennial marketing is the topic of the hour over here at HiveMind Studios. Set to overtake the baby boomers this year as the largest living generation, it’s no secret that if you’re not tuning into how millennials think, tweet, post and share, you’re falling behind....

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