Let’s¬†create a perfect viral share

Everyone wants their content to go viral. Startups sometimes think it is easy. Why waste on marketing, when you can simply create a viral share?

Well, it’s not that easy, but it attainable if you follow a simple rules. In the post below,¬†Dreamstatedigital shares The Perfect Formula for the Perfect Viral Share in the form of an infographic.

Here are the key headers:

  • Create compelling content
  • Base your share on positive emotions
  • Back it with research and facts
  • Longer copy is better and gets more shares
  • Formatting counts too; try to make the viral share readable
  • Optimize the post by adding visuals with complete meta data
  • Do some testing on headlines to get the sharpest one
  • Add your byline to develop some authority
  • Try to attract influencers and encourage them to share the content
  • Share on the right day
  • Don’t stop sharing Evergreen content

The Perfect Viral Share

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