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San Jose based HiveMind Studios provides Branding and Digital Marketing services for scrappy start-ups getting ready to take on the world and established big-wigs looking to revitalize and reaffirm their leadership in the market. If you want to improve your results, contact us today!

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The trouble with most Digital Marketing agencies is that they have a one-track mind. Everything is about digital. These marketers ignore key positioning, messaging and branding strategies that have a huge impact on digital results.

The trouble with Branding strategists is that they live in their own world. They pay close attention to your positioning, messaging and aesthetic, So everything looks professional and attractive. But they fall short when it comes to driving traffic to the site, increasing conversion rates, and using actionable inbound marketing tactics.

What you need is an agency that offers both Digital Marketing and Branding

Your marketing shouldn’t be limited that way. At HiveMind Studios, we cut our teeth in the traditional methods of advertising, copywriting and design. But after designing a few websites, we realized that the “build it and they will come” strategy wasn’t working. So we committed to learning all aspects of Digital Marketing including SEO, Email, Landing Pages, Banner advertising, Social Media and more.

Today, we focus on Digital Marketing and Branding, based on a strategic marketing plan. And the results for our clients have been outstanding.

What our clients say:


HiveMind Studios is a dependable partner for our company. They helped us with the rebranding of our company, taking charge of our website relaunch. I especially like how easily I can assign projects with tight deadlines and get results. It’s also comforting to know that HiveMind can also support us with our Digital Marketing and Branding initiatives such as SEO, paid search and lead nurturing.

Nuala Coogan, Discovia

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  • Suffering from a dated, broken website?
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  • Have your marketing results declined or plateaued?

HiveMind is known for its unique ability to quickly assess new marketing opportunities, identify areas needing improvement, develop creative solutions, and apply technology to measure results. We evaluate your existing Digital Marketing and Branding tactics: everything from your positioning, to your website, to your inbound marketing. Once we have a clear picture of your goals, opportunities, and challenges, we put together a campaign — in less time than you think — that clarifies your positioning and delivers results.