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We would love to help you increase your brand’s reach. Want to tie down your digital marketing spend and know what is driving profitability? As we anticipate a new year, we can plan that the most important event marketing trends will continue.

When we manage that for your business, you can count on gaining new leads from your digital marketing.

2015 Predictions – 10 Digital Marketing Forecasts You Should Be Observing


1. Bad The continued popularity climb of content marketing

2. Broader use of predictive marketing data for lead generation

3. The increase of marketing competition and noise

4. Fewer number of guest blog postings

5. Acceptance and implementation of video content

6. Uptick in marketing software acquisitions

7. Personalization across marketing strategies

8. Microtargeting and higher numbers of segmentation

9. Businesses pay more attention to marketing on mobile

10. Higher percentage of budgets spent on marketing

2015 Predictions – 10 Digital Marketing Forecasts You Should Keep an Eye on

2015 Predictions: 10 Digital Marketing Forecasts You Should Keep An Eye On

Staying ahead of your competition by preparing your marketing spend in advance by knowing your marketing forecast is our specialty.

You will find the above 10 digital marketing forecasts to watch helpful for a successful year developing creative marketing ideas.

Experiential digital marketing is now well established where events are no longer on the edges of marketing mixes; they are at the heart of it. We’ve had to legitimately shift our attention to the attendees at the heart of those experiences as influencers–a savvy bunch with short attention spans and finely tuned B.S. meters, armed with an opinion, a mobile device, and followers.

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