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Inbound Marketing FAQs

What do you mean by “inbound” marketing?

Inbound marketing describes a way of marketing and selling. Instead of interrupting people (e.g. with a television commercial, direct mail piece, telemarketing call, or newspaper ad)  with unwanted messages, inbound marketing empowers consumers by providing relevant, helpful information and advice precisely when they are searching for it.

How do marketers know what content to create for my industry?

Inbound marketers are great researchers. By researching your buyer persona, conducting customer and team interviews, doing SEO research and doing competitor analysis, we are able to develop your ideal buyer persona profile and identify what questions they want or need answered during each stage of their ‘buyer’s journey’.

We use all of this research to create a content map that responds to your target audience’s pain points, wants, and needs. This includes a 90-day editorial calendar of SEO-optimized blogs, vlogs, or videos, and corresponding offers or “Calls to Action.”

What types of “content” does inbound marketing focus on?

In general, there are two main types of content: written and video. We distribute this content across a wide variety of platforms, from email newsletters to social media.

Content creation requires a team approach, possibly involving a scenario like these:

  • Someone in your office is an excellent writer. Once armed with a strategic plan that defines what content is needed, they can create great content that will drive results.
  • You have loads of information and insight in your head and need to have a writer interview you and write the article on their behalf.
  • One of your team members is great at making presentations and could be interviewed for a video.
How are content creators who are not familiar with my industry able to write for my audience?

Our writers and videographers are expert storytellers with backgrounds in journalism and communication. They are skilled at researching, interviewing subject matter experts, and synthesizing information in order to convert details about your company into compelling stories, articles, and videos that create engagement and drive growth for your business.

Our team has created content for a myriad of industries, including technology, healthcare, biotech, SaaS and consumer electronics. Whatever industry you’re in, we’re excited to meet you and discover what makes you unique.

How can we make sure we are set up to be successful and achieve results with Inbound Marketing?

Here are 4 key strategies for inbound marketing success:

  1. You create an inbound marketing strategy (what we call an Action Plan) before you start.
  2. You identify gaps particular to your organization (in bandwidth and expertise) and have a plan for how you’re going to fill them.
  3. You commit to executing your strategy over the long term (i.e. at least 12 to 24 months).
  4. You identify your goals and KPIs before you start (also part of the Action Plan) and have a system in place to measure and analyze your results monthly, so you can continuously improve.
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I have enjoyed working with HiveMind Studios over the years. They are a dependable bunch of digital marketers who supplement our in-house teams with strong experience and knowledge in marketing automation and new internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Jen McKie Marketing Director

Testimonial from Discovia


HiveMind Studios is a dependable partner for our company. They helped us with the rebranding of our company, taking charge of our website relaunch. I especially like how easily I can assign projects with tight deadlines and get results. It’s also comforting to know that HiveMind can also support us with our SEO, paid search and lead nurturing initiatives as necessary.

Nuala Coogan Director of Marketing

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HiveMind Studios links marketing ideas seamlessly, tying landing pages to CTAs, using SEO to strengthen press releases, and enhancing website design and functionality to improve visitor satisfaction.

Enterprise Software Company Marketing Director

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HiveMind Studios showed us all the ways they could strengthen our website, increasing traffic, conversions, and sales. Now we’re competitive.

Rooty Van Overen Marketing Manager

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HiveMind Studios is so easy to work with. When we needed to move up to marketing automation, they helped us review and select a vendor that fit our needs, was easy to implement, and that worked. The more we used the system, the better we got, but we still needed help. HiveMind Studios worked with us to implement best practices for lead capture, lead nurturing, and integrating results with our CRM. We couldn’t have made such rapid progress without their help.

Cathy Shin Program Manager

Fluxion Biosciences Testimonial


I’ve worked with HiveMind Studios at several companies now and have been impressed with their diligence, professionalism, and insight. I depend on their knowledge and experience for developing strong lead nurturing programs, integrating third party vendors with our website, and implementing natural and paid search. Best of all, they understand the hot and cold nature of corporate marketing programs and can be flexible with project deadlines and budgets.

Tom Driscoll V.P. Marketing


HiveMind Studios’ attention to detail, and broad understanding of web, outbound and social marketing strategies, linking it all together – is excellent.

Diana Goodwin Program Manager

Fluxion Biosciences Testimonial


HiveMind Studios helped our business grow by steering us clear of short-term hit-or-miss tactics. Now we implement a range of inbound and outbound activities with consistent execution.

Tom Driscoll V.P. Marketing

General FAQs

Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

Definitely. Though companies in many business categories approach digital marketing with skepticism, it’s the only way to reach the majority of your prospects and customers.

I’m a startup and I have a limited budget

You need to provide some budget guidelines so that we know what’s feasible. Otherwise it’s like asking for a price on a new home, without providing guidance. (e.g. How many square feet? Where do you want to live?, etc.).

I know you may not understand what’s involved, but you pretty much get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts, there’s a good chance you’ll end up spending more in the long run fixing early mistakes.

Think about what you can sell to management. That is your lower budget level. Then give us a high budget number. We’re not the type of people to take that as a free ticket to spend, but it gives a far better idea of what’s possible.

When’s the best time to get you involved with my website?

The best time is now.  It’s best to think about conversion optimization, online tracking, cross domains, local search engine optimization and everything else right from the starting point.  We think you should spend 50% of your online development budget on your website, and the rest on making it work. A web developer is very unlikely to know about all of the above, which may lead to bad or broken Google Analytics installations, multiple versions of website deployed (which can be a killer for duplicate content) and search engine issues.

How often should I update my website?

Websites that go for long periods with no updates and little new content are unlikely to support digital marketing objectives. A static website will produce little or no leads. Once you have launched a marketing website, you still need to update it constantly with new content. You can refresh the design every 3 years or so to keep messaging up to date and to engage past visitors.

What’s the biggest mistake digital marketers make?

Biggest mistake: Thinking you’re doing marketing, when you’re really doing sales. Your messaging cannot be limited to “blowing your own horn”. In fact, a brand-centric, salesy approach deflects interest in your company. Your marketing needs to be more customer-centric.

Second biggest mistake: Starting and stopping. Consistency is the only way to break through and reach your future customers.

What do I need to know about mobile?

Mobile phones are the most used technology in the world. Most of your prospects spend the majority of their media time—and hours—using a smartphone. You might not think that mobile is important for your B2B technical products, but it is. And it will continue to reach the most people. In terms of tactics, you need to make sure your website looks good on a modern phone. Beyond that, there are mobile-specific strategies you can employ. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of educational and/or entertaining information assets. If done correctly, a solid piece of content can generate brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales.

Do I need a blog?

Email, social media, search and other elements of your digital marketing mix will depend on delivering useful content. Though video outlets, podcasts, and media galleries present other options, a blog is by far the most used tactic for distributing marketing content.

Why is SEO important?

The majority of web traffic is generated by search and those web visitors that arrive by way of search have a greater degree of commercial intent than most other channels.

What do Inbound Retainers include:
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bi-Weekly Account Review Calls
  • Weekly Account Updates by Email
  • 26 week Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics and Reporting
  • Monthly Strategy and Planning

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