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Why HiveMind?

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Strategic Digital Marketing Solutions

A great idea happens when you think big. But even in a big picture world, it’s the small stuff that makes your marketing come alive. It starts with scrutinizing every aspect of your business until we discover your brand’s true DNA — your “special sauce”. Then we create digital campaigns that are so unique that they drive awareness, response and results.

1. We’re a small agency with big ideas

We deliver ideas that drive action, response, and results. And digital campaigns that are so unexpected, people take notice.

2. We’re good listeners

We don’t always need to invent it here. If you have good ideas, we’ll work with you. If they’re not so good, we’ll tell you why.

3. We have tons of experience

We’ve been helping companies succeed online for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve earned the trust of marketing stakeholders at large and small organizations across the country.

4. We know digital

The world is changing and marketing is changing with it. We’re experts at digital marketing, and we keep up with the latest trends, software, and best practices.

5. We know people

We can’t do everything. So if you need additional resources, like a naming consultant, photographer, or other key professional, we know trustworthy and talented resources to call.

6. We know how to make waves

We’re passionately committed to getting your messages heard and acted upon in this ridiculously noisy world.

7. Your people won’t have to call our people

No bureaucracy at all. You have a single point of contact who is responsible for being responsive during normal, and sometimes abnormal business hours. You can use Skype, IM clients, email, or even the phone!

8. We can make you look good

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that ever client project exceeds expectations. We’d much rather win your return business and your referrals than pound the pavement.

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Why Choose HiveMind?

There are many reasons why you’ll love working with us to build a better online marketing campaign for your business.

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We work with organizations of all sizes, and provide packages and plans to fit almost any budget. A typical inbound marketing client engages with a 6-12 month window, and an investment of between $1,500 and $10,000 a month. Website design packages start at $3,500. Landing pages and microsite start at $1,500.


A Trusted Partner for Companies of All Sizes

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with large and small companies and organizations. Here are a few of them:

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