Retail Advertising Meets an Economic Downturn

Retail advertising bounces with the seasons, the regionality, and of course, the economy. The article below on retail advertising represents a broad range of alternatives that we can all learn from and some tactics for initiating responsive rather than reactionary changes. This is the time (while people are nervous) to try to institute some new changes to your marketing that you know you’ve needed for a long time. It might be an opportunity for rebranding, new creative concepts, rethinking digital marketing, or even redesign your website. We think it’s a good read and we’re thankful to A.B. Stephens for his insights.

Retail advertising took a turn for the worse in April. The numbers below paint a bleak picture, leaving many brands with lost profits and bigger markdowns. The key to surviving the current economic climate is take a close look at upcoming trends and how brands can leverage these changes in consumer behavior. It’s also an opportunity to implement A/B testing for retail advertising on ecommerce websites. Take a look at the numbers below and then take a deep dive into how to revitalize your brand’s messaging. Many of us follow the latest trends. It could be clothes, autos, electronic gadgets, or even home ownership. We like trends. They tell others about our status at work, home, and play. But…what about those trends that don’t give us that great comfy feeling?…

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