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HiveMind Studios is a San Jose creative branding agency that specializes in Branding Solutions for TechnologyConsumerStartups, and Consumer Electronics companies. We are experts at helping you define and position your brand so that current clients, prospects and broader audiences can easily understand what you have to offer that is unique.

Whether you’re bringing a new brand to market or revitalizing an old one, we can help you align your product, purpose, people and process. We help companies discover their genius and imagine futures that may not be in sight.

Our 4-Step Creative Branding Methodology for Achieving Greatness

1. Brand Research

In step 1 of our creative branding methodology, we use corporate brand assessment surveys and discovery workshops to gain in-depth customer perspectives.

    • Brand Audit & Market Opportunity
    • Customer & Influencer Insights
    • Internal & Stakeholder Insights
    • Identify organizational values and culture
    • Research company’s market position and key competitors
    • Evaluate brand’s strengths, weaknesses
    • Identify social channels requiring branding

2. Brand Strategy

Armed with current research, our experienced consultants and strategists find big spaces for your brand, and fresh, creative ideas that get your brand talked about. Our creative brand strategy consists of the following elements:

    • Brand Positioning Platform
    • Corporate Visioning
    • Brand Architecture
    • Corporate Narrative & Messaging
    • Brand Roadmap
    • Inventory existing brand hierarchy and elements

3. Brand Identity

To identify audiences in more detail, we develop buyer personas that clearly define your prospects and customers and determine what problems they are struggling with. Many brands don’t feel they have permission to be storytellers. But your creative brand needs to present your business as energetic, responsive, caring, professional and even inspiring. Our expert brand strategists will develop:

    • Buyer personas
    • A new logo and tagline (as needed)
    • New brand promise and value proposition
    • New company vision and mission
    • Messaging matrix

4. Brand Engagement

Even the best strategy has no value until it is successfully implemented. In step 4 of our creative branding methodology, we partner with clients and their internal teams to build long-term, successful creative branding tactics, including the following:

    • Internal Brand Training & Adoption
    • Brand Consulting & Management
    • Go-to-Market Planning
    • Website Rebranding
    • New concepts for customer facing materials (such as display ads, social media profiles, etc.)
    • Redefine social channel identities (optional)


HiveMind Studios’ attention to detail, and broad understanding of web, outbound and social marketing strategies, linking it all together – is excellent.

Diana Goodwin Program Manager

Molecular Devices testimonial


I have enjoyed working with HiveMind Studios over the years. They are a dependable bunch of digital marketers who supplement our in-house teams with strong experience and knowledge in marketing automation and new internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Jen McKie Marketing Director

Woman Review Avatar


HiveMind Studios helped our startup understand our strengths, weaknesses, competitive landscape and opportunities in a way that we had been missing before we started working together. I highly recommend working with Tom and his team at HiveMind Studios if you get the opportunity. He is an excellent thought partner and genuinely nice person.

Laura Boyd CEO/Founder

Fluxion Biosciences Testimonial


I’ve worked with HiveMind Studios at several companies now and have been impressed with their diligence, professionalism, and insight. I depend on their knowledge and experience for developing strong lead nurturing programs, integrating third party vendors with our website, and implementing natural and paid search. Best of all, they understand the hot and cold nature of corporate marketing programs and can be flexible with project deadlines and budgets.

Tom Driscoll V.P. Marketing

Fluxion Biosciences Testimonial


HiveMind Studios helped our business grow by steering us clear of short-term hit-or-miss tactics. Now we implement a range of inbound and outbound activities with consistent execution.

Tom Driscoll V.P. Marketing

Woman Review Avatar


Tom is great! From our first meeting he was professional, responsive, and had great ideas. His methodical approach to marketing includes a full understanding of the broader universe his clients operate in.

Laura Boyd CEO

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HiveMind Studios links marketing ideas seamlessly, tying landing pages to CTAs, using SEO to strengthen press releases, and enhancing website design and functionality to improve visitor satisfaction.

Enterprise Software Company Marketing Director

Male Avatar


Not having a dedicated marketing department, we used the expertise of HiveMind Studios to design and setup our website. Additionally, HiveMind Studios manages our paid search, local listings, and digital campaigns. I don’t have time to keep up with all the latest digital marketing tools. I’m too busy running my business. So it’s great that our agency can supplement our staff and lend a hand. We couldn’t be happier. They are easy to work with and generous with their support, experience, and knowledge.

Richard Majors Owner

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