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Were you searching for San Jose Digital Marketing Services? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to HiveMind Studios! Trust our team of rock stars to put your company ahead of the competition. We eat, sleep and breathe creative marketing and branding and we’re capable of communicating your story with style, sophistication, and the perfect amount of pizazz. Our effective marketing campaigns improve your ROI by dramatically increasing clicks, calls, downloads, subscribers, web visitors and marketing-qualified leads.

Our Creative Marketing Approach

HiveMind Studios is a Silicon Valley-based digital marketing services provider that creates brand experiences and digital solutions that communicate value and generate engagement. We work with forward-looking organizations in a highly collaborative way that embraces new ideas, creativity, insight, data and talent. If you want to own the conversation, connect meaningfully with customers, convert leads and create experiences that move your business, let’s talk.


Our proprietary creative branding process can help you discover and align your product, purpose, people and process — whether you’re bringing a new brand to market or revitalizing an old favorite. More than a new logo or website revision, creative branding defines what makes your product or company fundamentally different, exciting and worthy of respect.


There are various reasons, assorted catalysts and numerous “straws that can break the camel’s back” that trigger the need for a major re-evaluation of your marketing. You may have:

  1. Hired a new CMO (or CEO, CFO, or VP Sales)
  2. Acquired a company or a product line
  3. Divested your company of a product line
  4. Merged with a competitor

HiveMind Studios works to discover and put a “face” on what makes your company and its products and services stand out from the crowd and why that “special sauce” is fantastic, relevant, and attractive. It’s an excellent time to bring in an outside digital marketing services provider to help you see the “forest” for the “trees”.

Digital Marketing Services Provider


Blending the right mix of digital marketing services and creative ideas is the key to your digital strategy. Ordinary won’t do. You need ideas that are fresh and fantastic. That engage and entertain. That will grab attention and change behavior. Plus, you need to integrate the right mix of digital marketing tactics to better attract, engage, convert, and delight.

HiveMind consults with clients in San Jose, Silicon Valley, and across the country, who believe that digging deeper is the key to unearthing distinct advantages.


Responsive website design and development is the key to success for today’s corporate website. You need to provide visitors with the information they need, enable companies to establish brand credibility, build awareness, and tell their unique story across all devices. HiveMind uses an integrated approach to website design and development that weaves strategy, pixels, content and technology together to bring your company’s story to life.


HiveMind Studios is the digital marketing services provider who is ready to help you make a strong connection in content marketing and social media engagement. We create, produce and deliver blog posts, eBooks, press releases, videos, infographics, and other sound bites that engage your target audiences.

Across social media marketing sites, we make sure your brand is bright, fresh, captivating and consistent. We create professionally-designed profile pages and custom content that aligns with your website and branding to strengthen your presence and invite audience engagement.


Chances are, you’re reading this because you know your brand could benefit from some fresh ideas from a creative digital marketing services provider. Whether your ads are victim to tired copy, weak graphics or a lack of imagination, you know something’s wrong. It’s all part of what we call strategic digital marketing. When done correctly, it unites your brand positioning, messaging, and design into a strong thematic concept that can be used across media. That’s what we do best. We unleash your brand’s inner genius, balancing the right combination of imagination, design, and copywriting, so that your digital marketing and advertising get maximum results.

Tom Driscoll V.P. Marketing

Multiple Companies


I’ve worked with HiveMind Studios at several companies now and have been impressed with their diligence, professionalism, and insight. I depend on their knowledge and experience for developing strong lead nurturing programs, integrating third party vendors with our website, and implementing natural and paid search. Best of all, they understand the hot and cold nature of corporate marketing programs and can be flexible with project deadlines and budgets.

Combining Our Digital Marketing Services with Silicon Valley Experience

As a boutique digital marketing services provider, we’ve found great success applying our Silicon Valley Experience to four different markets who are interested in creating a compelling journey from awareness to action. Based on working with major companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we understand the importance of developing a unique value proposition that will define your company and differentiate it from the growing list of competitors.

Are you in one of these four markets? Call today  at (408) 266-3162 and talk to a strategist for free. No sales pitch; just friendly conversation. We’ll listen to your situation and answer your questions, so you can get started on a path toward greater traffic, conversions, downloads, and sales.

Why Clients Hire Agencies

Digital Marketing ServicesThe basic truth is that intelligent marketers hire agencies for ideas that will change consumer behavior. It's as simple as that.

Sure marketers want stuff. They want ads. They want email. They want websites. They want branding and positioning. They want brochures — and all kinds of other stuff. But the smart ones know that anybody can make stuff. They also know that only the exceptional digital marketing services providers can generate ideas that engage and move their consumers.

And, that is what they really need.


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