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Ecommerce Website Development:
From Strategy to Execution

Adding an online store can help you reach beyond your traditional local market to the world. It means that your door is always open and your business is generating revenue day and night. Whether you’re already selling online or just getting started, HiveMind’s ecommerce marketing services will help you expand your business. The Internet has forever changed the way people shop. Over 65% of purchases are influenced by digital media – think social, think branding, think display ads – and it doesn’t stop there. An online store is so much more than “Add to Cart.” It’s about creating and advertising a brand experience. It’s about funnel optimization. And it’s about creating trust, constant change and checkout after checkout.

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Creative Branding


You’ve created an awesome product or service and you’re ready to sell. Fantastic! But wait a second: Who are you? What’s your story? Why should I buy from you instead of someone else?

These are crucial questions every brand must answer before achieving success in the marketplace. We’ll help you answer these questions and unlock your brand’s true potential by building powerful brand stories and experiences that turn heads and open wallets.

Messaging and Concepts


Using our proprietary methodology, we can revitalize an existing brand — refreshing images, design details, and content. We develop an overall positioning statement as well as supporting messages that reinforce your position.

Or we can just as easily start new, creating a brand identity that speaks to key markets, differentiates your products and services, and captures the hearts and minds of potential customers.

Marketing Using Social Media Channels


After you’ve launched your online store, it’s natural to think that buyers will flock to your site. But the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy seldom produces solid results.

We typically build out user profiles for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and others that align with your product offering. Then we create engaging content to improve brand awareness, influence online sentiment, and increase the number of brand advocates.

Email Services and Delivery


Capturing email addresses from prospects is vitally important to ecommerce success. With your own opt-in list, you can market specials, discounts, seasonal offers and more. You can also use creatively branded emails to keep your name and personality in front of your customer base.

We’ll help you set up an email program that segments lists by buyer personas and personalizes content for maximum impact. By carefully building a relationship with customers, you’re respecting their needs, interests, and preferences. It’s Win-Win.

Building Shopping Cart


You can choose from a lot of great shopping carts — Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion, and many more — and we have experience implementing most of them.

We can also build a user-friendly Ecommerce solution from scratch. Our ecommerce website designs are carefully crafted to strengthen your branding, increase conversions, and build customer loyalty. You can add and manage products, product images, wish lists, downloadable items, customer accounts, discounts, specials, order histories, payment processing, and more.

Performance Metrics


Once your store is up and running, there’s no time to rest. In addition to regularly updating creative ideas and themes, we use A/B Testing to improve each step of the shopping process and optimize conversions as shown in Google Analytics.

Paying close attention to analytics delivers big dividends as we use pay-per-click advertising, change the color and size of buttons, the size of images, the placement of customer confidence information, and more, to create trust, improve engagement, build loyalty, and encourage checkout after checkout.

E-Commerce has become an important tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but also to engage them.


Digital ECommerce Development Services

Ecommerce provides a platform for you to market and sell your products or services via internet or digital networks. HiveMind Studios offers a team of highly experienced Marketers who know how to manage your online eCommerce presence and increase your business revenue online.

Ecommerce Web Design Services

7 Basic eCommerce Services HiveMind Offers:

  1. Awesome product and services for cohesive branding and advertising
  2. Creative messaging that resonates with prospective buyers
  3. Strong social media profiles for eCommerce social marketing
  4. An optimal eCommerce checkout process
  5. On-line brand building that is ready for Ecommerce advertising
  6. A/B testing to improve digital marketing conversions
  7. Management of your earned and paid advertising



Contact our project team with your Ecommerce store ideas and together, we’ll create a detailed Ecommerce strategy and solution that sets your sales on fire. Based in Silicon Valley, HiveMind Studios specializes in Ecommerce website design and Ecommerce website development solutions. Call us at ‪(669) 223-1578 or send email to: [email protected]