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Email Marketing Still Works! It just needs special attention.


Email Deliverability to the Inbox

Improve email deliverability

Email campaigns should inspire readability, usability and subscriber click-throughs. We develop timely, personal and relevant content, which increases conversions. Emails are formatted to look good multiple email clients, which improves deliverability.


Engage email marketing to target audiences.

Attractive templates and imagery distinguish your emails from less professional efforts and increase open rates. Our design team creates clean, custom templates that will integrate with your branding and showcase your email, newsletters, and announcements.

Email Performance

Understand how your email performs.

Our emphasis on testing, reporting and analysis helps you continuously improve your email programs. We conduct A/B tests for everything, including email headlines, button colors, size of graphics, number of form fields, personalization, frequency, and even time of sending.

Email Marketing Strategies for more opens, reads and click-throughs

Think email marketing is dead? Think again. In many organizations today, email marketing is misunderstood, misused, and under-performing — an old-fashioned mode of communication compared with social media and mobile marketing. But the facts tell a different story. With an ROI of around 4,300%, email is unmatched in moving leads from “conversation to commerce.”


I have enjoyed working with HiveMind Studios over the years. They are a dependable bunch of digital marketers who supplement our in-house teams with strong experience and knowledge in marketing automation and new internet marketing strategies and tactics.

Molecular Devices testimonial

Jen McKie Marketing Director


HiveMind Studios helped our startup understand our strengths, weaknesses, competitive landscape and opportunities in a way that we had been missing before we started working together. I highly recommend working with Tom and his team at HiveMind Studios if you get the opportunity. He is an excellent thought partner and genuinely nice person.

Woman Review Avatar

Laura Boyd CEO/Founder


HiveMind Studios’ attention to detail, and broad understanding of web, outbound and social marketing strategies, linking it all together – is excellent.

Diana Goodwin Program Manager

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Marketing Automation software facilitates your growth

Customers who implement marketing automation software see a growth in monthly unique website visitors by up to 60 percent, an average increase in leads of 25 percent, and an increase in sales of 50 percent or more.

Whether you’ve already selected an automation platform, or you are trying to determine which solution best fits your business, HiveMind Studios has the experience you need to succeed.

We’ll help you quickly whittle down options arrange demos with suitable candidates (such as Marketo, Act-On, Sharpspring, Active Campaign, Hatchbuck & more). Once you’re set up, we’ll help you get the best results from your investment.

Email Subject lines that Dance

Mobile Marketing Automation (on the web)

Marketing automation software has exploded in the last few years with solutions integrating websites and email. It’s hard to walk down the streets of San Francisco without tripping over another Marketing Automation Vendor, but this helps you fit your needs to specific price ranges and capabilities.

Your Benefits From Improved Marketing Automation

• Higher sales revenue from your on-line marketing

• An increase in your marketing productivity

• A jump in your marketing campaign effectiveness

• Better viewer engagement

• Send highly personalized messages to each recipient

• Eliminate tedious tasks so you can focus on more what’s more important to you.

HiveMind Studios helps you become more efficient in sales, mobile marketing automation, and digital marketing.

We interweave sales, lead generation and mobile marketing automation strategies like never before, empowering you to drive your revenue up, nurture prospects through the sales cycle, and sell the products and services you want to focus on.

Email Subject lines that Dance

I depend on HiveMind’s knowledge and experience for developing strong lead nurturing programs, integrating third party vendors with our website, and implementing natural and paid search.

Tom Driscoll

V.P. Marketing, Molecular Devices

HiveMind links marketing ideas seamlessly, tying landing pages to CTAs, using SEO to strengthen press releases, and enhancing website design and functionality to improve visitor satisfaction.

Unable to Disclose

V.P. Marketing, Networking Software Company

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If you’re looking for a partner to help you successfully integrate email tactics into your inbound marketing program, we’re your wingman. With offices in San Jose, California, HiveMind Studios works with organizations across the country and even around the world, developing sharp business strategies and implementing effective email marketing services to increase marketing effectiveness and ROI. Call today at ‪(669) 223-1578 or send email to: [email protected]

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