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We can now instantly connect to millions of other people who share our interests. This new hyper-social wave has changed marketing, creating extraordinary new opportunities for business. HiveMind Studios is ready to help you make a strong connection. We create integrated and measurable inbound marketing programs that use search, content marketing, and social media marketing strategies to build relationships with audiences relevant to your organization, generate demand, and enhance lead generation and conversion.

Engage Social Media Marketing Channels

Your audience is talking about you – whether you participate in the conversation or not. As part of your ongoing Inbound Marketing Program, we provide a detailed audit of your current presence in key social media marketing channels as well as a competitive benchmarking.

Your digital brand across social media marketing sites should be bright, fresh, captivating and consistent. We develop professionally-designed profile pages and custom content that align with your website and branding to strengthen your presence and invite audience engagement. We can also teach your in-house team best-practices for posting content that increases your following.

Social Media Affects the Whole Family

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Social Media Strategy

Target Networks Relevant To Your Business

By setting clearly-defined goals for your social media marketing activities, we can help you target networks appropriate to your business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.), determine when and what kind of content to post, and moderate contributors and responses.

Your social media marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We always integrate social media activity with your inbound marketing strategy. Our social promotions extend reach and enhance the customer experience. Integration with search, content marketing, tradeshow participation, email marketing, and website promotions maximizes the impact of every piece of content you generate.


It’s Time to Get Madly Social

We live in the heart of Silicon Valley, where many of the biggest social media companies do business. HiveMind Studios keeps close track of where these unique companies are leading us and changing the game. If you work with us, we’ll help you take advantage of these emerging channels to create something special. We work with high-tech, consumer brands, and biotech companies around the world.

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