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Strategic Plans Define Long-term Goals to Achieve Results

One of the most costly mistakes most businesses make is to start rolling out individual marketing tactics without a strong strategic foundation in place. Whether you’re looking at social media, blogging, website design, or email marketing, these individual tactics are ineffective at producing long-term, sustainable growth in traffic, leads, and sales if they’re not tied to a cohesive marketing strategy.

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I depend on HiveMind Studios’ knowledge and experience for developing strong lead nurturing programs, integrating third party vendors with our website, and implementing natural and paid search.

Strategic Plans

Inbound Strategic Plans Include:

  • Initial analysis of your brand and current marketing
  • Benchmark analysis of website effectiveness, optimization, and lead performance
  • Competitor analysis, including evaluation of value propositions, information architecture, and branding
  • Expansion of buyer personas, so we can create strong targeted marketing messages
  • Defining your unique value proposition
  • Developing inbound strategy mix to drive traffic, convert leads, and grow sales
  • Developing plan for analysis and reporting, enabling continuous improvement
Connected Thinking

Can Connected Thinking Improve Your Results?

Based on our proprietary methodology, the Strategic Plan for your business will provide a detailed marketing analysis, identifying critical benchmarks for success, and defining 12-months of inbound marketing activities needed to generate leads. Armed with this plan, we can orchestrate individual inbound marketing tactics, because we know who you want to sell to, what their pain points are, what solutions you offer to relieve these pain points, and how you do it differently and better than your competition.

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One on One Marketing Session

Creating marketing plans is not just an exercise to be done once and then put on the virtual shelf. These are living, dynamic documents that should be referred to on a regular basis and updated as conditions or situations change.


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Digital Strategic Plans Use Proven Methodology

Since 2006, inbound marketing has proven to be the most successful marketing method for doing business online. We use current and tested outbound marketing methods when buying ads, creating email lists, and providing lead generation strategies. Similarly, we help clients fine-tune their inbound marketing plan to creating quality content that is compelling to buyers.

Marketing products on-line means knowing where your target audience naturally lives and how they make purchasing decisions. By aligning the content you publish with your viewer interests, you inherently attract inbound traffic with which you can build a close relationship over time.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

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