Increasing interest in its unique holistic, intelligence-based approach to digital marketing drives

San Jose, June 9, 2011 – Killer Bees from HiveMind Studios Swarm Downtown San Jose to help announce the launch of a completely revamped website and updated brand. The new website emphasizes the recent evolution of the HiveMind brand and methodology, which focus on leveraging client, audience, competitive, and ROI intelligence as the foundation for integrated digital marketing programs that enable clients to meet business objectives, such as higher quality leads and increased revenue. This unique holistic, intelligence-based approach is reinforced by the company’s new tagline – Remarkable Ideas. Sweet Results.

CEO Tom Lauck believes the approach is gaining traction. “The message seems to be ringing true across a range of industries and geographies,” states Lauck. “We’ve noticed an increase in open-ended requests for help in meeting marketing objectives rather than requests to implement specific tactics. People seem to be realizing that traditional tactics-based approaches just aren’t working anymore.”

HiveMind works with each client to understand their differentiated market value and objectives as well as the nature of their target audiences. With this understanding, HiveMind’s strategists help clients segment audiences more narrowly compared to traditional approaches, focusing on online behaviors, use of digital technology, and information gathering preferences, as well as needs and demographics. The firm then develops customized, objective-driven tactical programs with messages and communication channels tailored to each segment.

“Effective marketing requires that companies develop a credible, authoritative position in the eyes of their target audiences,” said Lisa English, PhD, APR, VP at HiveMind Studios. “If your audiences view you as a credible source of information, you can engage and influence them to entice behaviors that lead to business success. The best way to do this is to understand and then leverage the “hive mind” nature of today’s Internet-focused, socially adept, and more skeptical audiences – that is something we do uniquely well.”

The new website showcases the remarkable value that HiveMind’s unique approach can deliver to a wide range of companies, from start-ups to small businesses to corporations to Fortune 1000 enterprises. Key highlights include:

  • New Business Solutions section highlighting expanded expertise for healthcare, technology, and financial services industries
  • New Revenue Marketing section featuring strategic programs for Demand Generation, Lead Management, Customer Engagement, and Metrics-Based Marketing
  • New proof points in the form of case studies, testimonials, and portfolio samples
  • Updated pricing information
  • Advanced social media features


About HiveMind Studios
HiveMind Studios is more than a traditional digital marketing firm. Instead of being focused on generating web traffic, the agency is focused on generating, nurturing, and developing leads. Instead of blasting sales messages at people, the agency is dedicated to creating programs that engage customers and prospects to increase awareness, credibility, value, demand and revenue.

HiveMind Studios doesn’t believe that marketing can be approached in the same way it was 10 or even 5 years ago. That’s why the agency specializes in developing new, cost-effective marketing methods and models that reach out to “hive mind” audiences at critical points in their decision-making process, inviting them to define the types of marketing they receive.

Each touch point is calculated to gain the attention of the audience before they raise their hand, arouse their interest before they know who you are, create a demand for products and services before one is perceived. It’s a strategy for creating marketing that listens as often as it speaks, that understands individuals not just audiences, and that prefers anticipation over interruption.

Traditional communications agencies are finding it difficult to cope with these new market realities. The old intrusive approaches to lead generation and branding no longer work in a marketingenvironment where customers define brands, messages are difficult if not impossible to control, andmarketing departments face growing accountability for business results.

States Lauck: “If you already have a strategic plan, we’ll listen. If you are starting from scratch, we’ll take the pieces you already have, fill in the gaps, polish the edges, and pull everything together into a cohesive digital marketing system full of remarkable ideas designed to get sweet results.

Companies eager to make their marketing more effective should contact the agency directly at [email protected].

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