Having a Marketing Idea Using Association

You know those people who are very creative? Have you ever looked at their desks? There is usually a wide range of information, from packages, to vertical magazines, to an odd collection of bookmarks tucked away in their browser. These people have figured out that creativity, by definition, is putting things together in new ways.

So you have to start by surrounding yourself with the raw materials of new ideas. If I look around our office, I would see a fashion magazine, a popcorn bag, a poster, and an Arctic carved stone statue. How do they relate to the next marketing idea I’m developing for a Twitter ad.

It’s the same across all industries. What can you learn about customer service from Hyatt or the Four Seasons? What can you learn from companies that have rolled out a new product or product line? What did they do to be successful?  Are you a retailer? Perhaps a hunting magazine or a medical journal provides some ideas for you to incorporate into your business. Are you in the travel business?   Perhaps a visit to the Apple store may inspire you. Auto repair business? How about a trip to a local hotel and conference complex.

This is all what used to be called “grist” for the mill. In the following post by SGRuby, he develops the idea further.

Creating a New Marketing Idea

New ideas are hard to come by Let’s face it. Creating a new marketing idea, something that has never been thought of, is becoming harder and harder. Although we (collectively the human race) are able to create new ideas based on new information, technology, and…

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