Award-winning agency sheds light on the keys to a successful inbound marketing strategy.

“We redesigned the HiveMind website to make it easier for marketers to understand how key business strategies are supported by differentiated positioning, creative concepts and content-driven inbound marketing tactics.”

– Tom Lauck, CEO, HiveMind Marketing.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2013 – HiveMind Marketing announced today the launch of a new HiveMind website showcasing the company’s full range of services, including creative concepts, branding, web design, SEO, email, content marketing, and social media promotion. Still accessible at, the new website is focused on providing resources and how-to information to help B2B technology and biotech companies improve their marketing results.

“We are really pleased with how the new HiveMind website has come together to showcase our brand and core strengths, as well as to provide a plethora of useful information to corporate B2B marketers” said Tom Lauck, CEO, and Chief Creative Director, HiveMind Marketing.

Marketers today face a dual struggle:

  • How to develop strong positioning and branding concepts that will fuel their demand generation programs.
  • How to implement practical strategies for generating more traffic, converting more leads, and growing more sales.

As a great resource for general branding and marketing information, HiveMind’s blog continues to offer a range of best practices, actionable tips and industry trends. With the new enhancements, the HiveMind website now showcases case studies that provide guidelines for developing buyer personas, creating differentiated positioning and branding, driving website traffic, nurturing leads with great content, and automating marketing processes to grow sales.

“Our mission is to provide visitors to our website with all the marketing information and guidance they need to make the best choices for their business,” said Ellen Strzalkowski, Senior Strategist, HiveMind Marketing. “Visitors will still benefit from the marketing insights they’ve come to expect from HiveMind, but now they can also gain a deeper knowledge of successful inbound marketing techniques from our free eBooks, webinars and case studies.”

Visitors interested in checking out the newly revamped HiveMind website can find it at

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About HiveMind

HiveMind Studios is a leading West Coast Inbound Marketing Agency that specializes in biotech and technology companies. The company’s clients range from scrappy start-ups getting ready to take on the world to established big-wigs looking to revitalize and reaffirm their leadership in the market.

Over the past decade, HiveMind Studios has provided the insight, creativity, and analysis that client marketing departments across the United States have needed to improve lead generation, branding, websites, internet marketing campaigns, and other marketing strategies and tactics. HiveMind is known for its unique ability to quickly assess new marketing opportunities, identify areas needing improvement, develop creative solutions, and apply technology to measure results.

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