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(updated 3/19/2019)

While digital has become the driving force behind most marketing strategies, there is still plenty of room for traditional marketing. Direct mailers, print ads, billboards, and TV and radio promotions still have value and can benefit your business.

But, the only way to see that value is by setting up systems to track and measure traditional marketing campaign performance.

If you don’t have systems set up to monitor the results of your offline advertising, you won’t have a way to assess your work and see what’s working and what’s not. So, if you’re engaging in traditional advertising but failing to track your lead generation or measure your ROI, here are a few strategies to help you keep track of your results.

If you’re engaging in traditional advertising but failing to track your lead generation or measure your ROI, here are a few strategies to help you keep track of your results. Click To Tweet

#1) Welcome Information Referral Question

It may seem obvious, but many businesses fail to ask new customers how they found them. The answer to this simple question can help you gather insight into which marketing strategies are working and which ads are catching attention. So in your welcome information or first interaction with a client, always ask them how they came across your business.

#2) Brand Surveys

If you don’t feel comfortable asking customers how they heard about you or if you missed the opportunity to ask them early on, you can circle back to the question by releasing a brand survey. Send out a simple, short survey that asks for feedback and insights into how customers discovered your brand. To get more responses, tie your survey to a prize or giveaway.

#3) Coupon Codes

You can get your customers to tell you how they found your business without them even knowing it. By using unique coupon codes on each of your marketing materials, you can track which marketing messages have attracted the most customers.

#4) Unique Phone Numbers

A strategy similar to coupon codes uses unique phone numbers. By adding a custom phone number to a flyer or ad, you can easily monitor how many customers contact your business from that specific advertising outlet.

#5) Unique Email Addresses

Email addresses work in the same way as unique phone numbers. To measure traditional marketing ROI, create unique email addresses for each campaign to measure how many messages are brought in from a specific initiative.

#6) QR Codes

QR codes are another way to monitor which marketing materials are sending customers to you. You can add unique QR codes to each of your marketing campaigns. On your materials, encourage audiences to use your QR code to get a discount or offer from your brand so you can connect with them while tracking their information.

#7) Landing Page URLs

Another unique calling card you can lay out in your traditional advertising is a specific landing page URL. When you send audiences to a single landing page, you can then use your website analytics to see how many people arrived on that individual page. It’s a way to combine traditional and digital to create a hybrid marketing effort.

#8) Redirect Domains

To make it easier on customers, you can avoid a complicated or long URL and instead create a redirect domain. Use a new, simple domain that users enter to be redirected to a specific landing page on your website. From there, track the views of the page the vanity URL links to in order to see how many people found you from your marketing effort.

#9) Social Mentions

Paying attention to social media can also help you measure traditional marketing ROI. When your campaign is launched or promoted (such as in the time right after a TV or radio ad airs), look at what people are saying on social media. If there is a spike in your brand mentions, you can see that your marketing is working. Adding a hashtag to your campaign is a great way to make this conversation easier to follow and monitor.

#10) Google Analytics Time and Date Filters

You can also use the time immediately after a marketing campaign launches to measure traditional marketing ROI in another way. Use your website analytics to view traffic levels during the time right after your brand is advertised or mentioned. This will help you see if the campaign drove traffic to your site.

Measure Traditional Marketing by Driving Attention to Digital Platforms

Traditional advertising still has its merits. Depending on your industry, offerings, and client base, it could be an effective tool for promoting your business.

But, even if offline marketing offers a better way to connect with clients, it will never provide data and analytics as good as digital marketing can. So whenever possible, use your traditional marketing materials and messages to drive interested audiences to digital platforms where you can collect and track more detailed data.

For more tips, download our free ebook that will introduce you to the best digital marketing practices to support your traditional advertising efforts.

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