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One of the most exciting Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 is that Alexa, Siri & Google Assistant are becoming ubiquitous in our lives. Click To Tweet

Although choosing only five digital marketing trends for 2019 is difficult here are the ones we believe will make the most impact.

As the digital marketing industry continues its fast-paced journey, we must do the same to stay ahead of the curve. With so much innovation in the industry and new technologies emerging daily, there are a multitude of trends influencing the digital marketing industry. This makes it difficult to focus on only a few. However, as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in San Jose, CA, we’ve remained on the cutting-edge by following all the newest marketing trends and solutions. 

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019
1: Voice & Visual search

One of the most exciting Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 is that Alexa, Siri & Google Assistant are becoming ubiquitous in our lives. Statistics show that the business from voice-recognition-based products will cross over $40 billion by the year 2022. These virtual assistants have become increasingly intelligent and provide customized responses. As a result, there is a greater need to develop unique search engine optimization strategies for voice search.

Social and search platforms have come out with new visual search tools that allow consumers to search by uploading photos. Brands can leverage this trend to target them more effectively with their products.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

By analyzing search patterns and data from social media platforms, AI is getting better at predictive modeling of consumer behavior and brand preferences. This introduces a massive opportunity for brands to create AI strategies focused on hyper-personalization across content, campaigns, and consumer experiences. AI is also helping automate ad buying, which aids brands in reaching more specific audiences, resulting in higher conversions at lower costs.

3. Chatbots

With this hyper-personalization comes rising consumer expectations for faster and superior customer service. Chatbots are quicker at responding to any data-related query and customer requests while keeping the costs down. They’re also programmed to be more amiable and patient with the consumer, leading to an improved consumer experience. Over the course of the next few years, 70-80% of communication with customers will be through bot messengers integrated across websites, business applications, and social media platforms.

4. Video Marketing

Additionally, the advent of new channels like IGTV, which focuses on originality combined with live and interactive video will enable brands to strongly engage consumers. Studies are already showing that watching videos about products influenced customers’ decision-making process.

5. AR & VR

Another of our five digital marketing trends for 2019 is Augmented and Virtual Reality, you can read more here. These new technologies already helping brands create immersive consumer experiences. Currently, brands which have a strong focus on visualization — such as furniture, design, and e-commerce companies — have been able to provide 360-degree views of products. This creates strong visual and sensory connections for consumers. In the future, these technologies will be effectively used by marketers for creating interactive storytelling and experiences centered on branded content, enabling consumers to interact with the brand in ways like never before.

The coming year will see digital marketing innovations enabling consumers with more opportunities to connect with brands, whether powered by AI technologies or other types of creative content.

At HiveMind, a Digital Marketing agency in San Jose, CA, we have developed unique solutions across the entire gamut of digital marketing services. It’s our goal to continue helping our clients navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving marketing landscape and remain at the forefront. Contact our team for more information.

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