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Whether you’re here in San Jose, CA, or anywhere else in the world, inbound marketing is still the go-to choice for building leads.  A website built for inbound marketing and optimized for search engines can be one of your most powerful sales-generation tools.

Chances are, you’re already using some aspects of inbound marketing on your own website — but any strategy can always be made better. Here are some tips to follow, if you’re looking to improve inbound marketing campaigns.

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5 Ways to Improve Your San Jose, CA Company’s Inbound Marketing Strategy

1. Publish consistently 

One of the most common mistakes we see in companies doing inbound marketing is that they don’t commit to a publishing schedule.  Ideally, to improve inbound marketing campaigns, you should be adding some new content to your website several times a week.  This helps keep it prominent in Google searches, as well as ensuring repeat visitors always see something new.

2. Add plenty of geo-targeting

If you’re looking to build local traffic, geo-targeting is one of the best ways of doing so.  This involves constantly mentioning the location you want your material to target. If you’re in a larger city, try being even more specific.  For example, New York City is a very big place, so mentioning specific neighborhoods like Hell’s Kitchen or Chelsea would be more effective at driving local traffic and improving inbound marketing campaigns.

3. Answer questions

With the rise of smartphone-based browsing, users often aren’t searching for keywords – they’re asking questions in natural language, often via virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa.  Use tools or surveys to discover what questions your target audience is asking, and answer those questions directly. As a bonus, if you have a particularly good/popular answer to a common question, you might get one of the answer boxes at the top of the Google search results.

4. Watch your competition

How often do you visit your competitors’ websites?  It’s a very good idea to do so frequently.  Look at what they’re doing, then find a way to distinguish yourself.  Don’t knock them off; be different!

5. Use data tracking to experiment

SEO and inbound marketing is constantly evolving, and your own data should be pushing that evolution.  Experiment with different types of content, different CTAs, and other tweaks to your content, then track responses to gauge effectiveness.  Always be willing to pivot, if you find a more effective approach.

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We have extensive experience building great websites focused around strong inbound marketing principles.  Contact us to learn more! You can also visit HiveMind Studios online for a complete list of SEO, digital marketing, and advertising services.

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