Content marketing today is much different than it was even just a few years ago. Today’s marketer has to be just a bit more savvy and knowledgeable as to what to present and how it should be presented, to get the desired result. This holds true even more so in the B2B world. Mastering B2B content marketing follows a few basic rules, which are key to mastering it.

Inspire and Educate – To get the best results from your content marketing efforts, you need to stand out from the crowd. This is most easily done by providing what we call “remarkable” content that informs, inspires and adds to the prospect’s knowledge base. Beyond that, your content should empower them to act on the information.

Know Your Market – All content that is part of your overall content marketing plan should be custom designed for your audience segments. Each  B2B environment is different. Some markets lend themselves better to blog posts, some to white papers, and still others to podcasts or videos. Providing the content that is most relevant to your target market will ensure the success of your content marketing campaign.

Solve Problems – Content that solves problems is especially valuable. Make their lives (and their jobs) easier, and you can bet they will not only be back for more, they will tell others about you — a great way to get more eyes on your marketing efforts.

Promote, Promote, Promote – When you have the content ready, you need to get it in front of your target audience using more than one method. Social media, organic search, paid search, and other forms of inbound advertising all work to help get your information noticed!

Follow-up – No matter what type of content you use for your marketing efforts, you also need to have a way to engage your audience so that you can follow-up with them, keeping your business firmly entrenched in their minds. Updating social media feeds, blogging, and sending newsletters are just a few ways to keep new leads engaged and nurture them.

These five simple steps can mean the difference between wasting your time on your content marketing efforts, and time well spent.

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