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If you’re serious about social media, you are going to need the right Social Media Tools and software to manage, track, and grow your online influence. The following social media tools will help you simplify your processes, create better content, attract more attention and get better results.

AdParlor Mockup Generator

If you’re doing any type of paid digital advertising through the major social media networks, you need AdParlor.

Setting up ad campaigns for social media can be tedious, but AdParlor makes it easier by enabling you to create mockups of your ads before setting up your campaign. That way, you don’t have to do all of the work of creating an ad campaign at once. You can develop the creative part of your ad at a different time.

Ad Parlor Social Media Tool

Another benefit of creating the mockups before setting up an ad campaigns is that you can download your design and use them to get pre-approval if it’s needed. The free social media tool works for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest ads.

BTW: If you are really interested in mock-ups, check out this excellent review of mockup tools.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Social Media Tools

Social media success if often all about using the right words to attract an audience. From our quiver of Social Media Tools, CoSchedule Headline Analyzer helps you do just that.

You enter your proposed headline into the free tool, and it provides a report and score for the phrasing. The social media tool considers the word balance and headline type, length, keywords, and sentiment to return a score on a scale of 1-100. It also provides a few tips for what you can do to improve the headline.

The free social media tool is perfect for trying out new titles and tweaking headlines to craft phrases that will perform well for your articles and posts.


Social media posts that catch attention and get shared are often tied to trending topics or fads. Buzzsumo helps you identify those popular subjects and conversations.

Enter a topic into Buzzsumo’s “Most Shared” tool, and it will produce a report on the most shared content related to the keyword. You can also use their “Trending Now” tool to see what content is being shared widely across all industries and social platforms.Buzzsumo Social Media Tool

Buzzsumo is a great tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of what is new and hot in the social atmosphere. With the free version, you can run a few reports a day. But, you’ll need the paid version to get maximum use out of the social media tool.


Video is the hottest new trend on social media. On Facebook alone, billions of videos are viewed a day. So to be competitive on social media, you need to be Social Media Tools for creating videos. For that, there is Rocketium.

Rocketium is an editing tool that enables you to string together photos and clips to create short videos. You can upload/edit media and add captions with a few clicks. And, if you aren’t creative or you have limited resources for creating video, the social media tool also offers templates that make it easy to create professionally-styled clips.Rocketium Social Media Tool

It’s free to try, but you need a paid subscription to continue to use the tool.


Social media marketers have the problem of managing multiple accounts at one time. One of our favorite Social Media Tools for this is Hootsuite, which solves this problem while offering additional benefits.

Hootsuite allows you to connect multiple accounts from top social media platforms, so you can schedule posts and monitor feeds for all of your profiles from one place. Hootsuite is also a powerful analytics and reputation monitoring tool.

You can keep track of every mention of your brand or industry by setting up feeds to monitor terms and phrases. Hootsuite also includes a detailed reporting system to help you review your analytics and test, reflect, and revise to create a digital marketing strategy that produces results.HootSuite social Media Tool

You can connect up to three profiles on the free version of Hootsuite, but you need a paid version to add more accounts.

Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Tools

Having the right tools is an essential part of building a powerful social media presence. But, tools can’t do it all. You also need a social media marketing strategy to direct the way you use your tools.

To get tips and advice that will help you construct a full digital marketing strategy and put your social media tools to the best use, get our free Digital Marketing Essentials guide.

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