Social tools have the power to make us extremely unproductive. Most of us have found ourselves lost in an endless scroll of Facebook feeds or YouTube playlists that caused us to lose minutes or sometimes, even hours of our day.

But, social media isn’t all about wasting time.

There are plenty of social tools that actually make us more productive. Here is a list of tools that can help you be more efficient and use your time more wisely.


Keeping your social media feeds filled with content can be a big job. You have to constantly look for new content to share and then go to your profile to create and schedule your posts. But, Buffer makes it much easier to execute these tasks.

Depending on your account level, you can add up to 25 social media profiles to one Buffer account. From there, you can add content and schedule posts to keep your feeds filled and supporting your digital marketing strategies.

Social Tools for Publishing

Even more, Buffer supports your social media marketing efforts by making it easy to add content to your feeds. With the Buffer browser extension, you add a sharing button to your browser and simply click the extension button to add content to your feeds as you find it.


While Buffer makes it easier to fill your social media feeds with content, you still have to find the content on your own and create and schedule posts. Edgar simplifies that.

With Edgar, you can keep content flowing on your social profiles. Once you create a post, Edgar saves, shuffles, and republishes it on later dates so you get more use out of each post.

It’s a marketing automation tool that can drastically improve your productivity. Edgar’s site says this social tool can, “Double your web traffic and save eight hours a week.”


Trying to keep up with every mention of your brand online can be time-consuming. But with Mention, you don’t have to search for posts that reference your brand. They come right to you.

Mention is a media-mentioning tool that scours the web and sends alerts to you any time your brand is discussed in blog content or on social media. Mention also does more than just send alerts when your brand is the topic of conversation.

Productivity Social Tools

The social tool analyzes the sentiment of the statements to give you information about public opinion about your brand. This helps you track customer and audience feelings about your business, while saving you time on managing your online reputation.


Most social media sites have their own unique specifications for the size of images that look best on the platform. These differences require designers to create separate images for each social site. But, designers can save themselves time creating these images using Canva.

With the paid version of Canva, you can use the “magic resize” tool to quickly convert your image into graphics that match the size requirements for top social sites.

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This tool increases your social media success by making your design efforts much more productive as you can create multiple images with just one click of a button.


One way to kill your productivity is sending multiple emails to prospects and clients trying to find a time to schedule a meeting. Calendly puts a stop to the back-and-forth and enables you to send one link to get a meeting on the books.

Simply add your available times to your online calendar and allow your connections to pick and schedule the time that works best for both of you.

Social Tools Calendar

Calendly also syncs with other tools (like Google Calendars, InfusionSoft, Slack, MailChimp, Salesforce, and more) to make it an even more effective and useful social tool.


The last item on our list of social tools that help with productivity is sort of like a bunch of tools rolled into one.

Zapier is an app that enables you to connect multiple apps so they work together. By using Zapier, you can create workflows that trigger an action in one app when an action has occurred in another app.  

Social Tools for Creative

With more than 750 apps that work with Zapier, you can increase your productivity across many of the social tools that you use every day.

More Way to Use Social Tools for Your Business

Now you know the social tools that will make you more productive. And, if you want even more recommendations for social media tools that will support your business, check out our blog post 5 Social Media Tools Everyone In The Industry Should Use.

This post shares five tools that make it easier for you to manage, track, and grow your online influence. Read the post now.


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