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With more than two billion active monthly users, Facebook presents a huge opportunity for finding and connecting with customers across the world or right in your neighborhood. But, organic posts don’t always make it to audiences (even if they follow your page). So if you want to connect with audiences on this platform, you’re going to need to use Facebook ads.

These tips will help you write Facebook ads that get in front of the right audience, catch attention, and drive users to click, buy, like, and convert.

#1) Know your goals.

The first step in writing conversion-focused Facebook ads is to know your goals and define the intended conversion. Identify the action you want to happen when your audience sees your ad. To use Facebook for business, consider using one of the following goals.

    • Build brand awareness.
    • Trigger downloads.
    • Drive traffic.
    • Giveaway coupons.
    • Initiate purchases.

#2) Know your audience.

Once you know what you want your audience to do, it’s time to figure out who you want to take that action. You must outline exactly who you are targeting with your Facebook ad.

Facebook has advanced hypertargeting features that allow you to create audiences using very specific criteria as it relates to user demographics, buying habits, interests, and location. Create a buyer persona for the exact person you want to see your Facebook ad, and then use Facebook targeting features to create an audience that matches the characteristics of your ideal customer.  

#3) Know your copy opportunities.

Writing Facebook advertising copy is different from writing any other type of ad because you have a unique set of copy placements. Before you start writing your ad, take a minute to consider the copy positions you have on your post.

You aren’t writing just one headline and blurb. You have placements for a:

    • Main Headline
    • Main Ad Copy
    • News Feed Link Description
    • Call-to-Action
    • Image  

Writing Facebook Ads

#4) Show value.

Great ads catch audience attention by clearly showing the reader what they will gain. As you write your copy, show value by:

    • Highlighting benefits
    • Showing outcomes
    • Presenting results
    • Making a promise

As you work on your copy and test out different ad variations, use AdParlor instead of creating your draft on Facebook. AdParlor is a social media tool that enables you to create and save ad copy in a mock setting so you can see what an ad will look like before you set up your campaigns.

Writing Facebook Ads Mock Up Generator

#5) Focus on one call-to-action.

Facebook ads should be short and sweet, so you don’t over complicate your message. Identify the main thing you want your audience to do, and only use call-to-actions that drive users to take that next step.

If you are directing audiences to do something in your headline and body copy, match the directive with your call-to-action button.

#6) Use compelling images.

In Facebook ads, it’s not just the copy that matters. Images are just as, if not more, important than the words you use in your ad.

You have multiple options for how you want to display images in your ad. You can display:

    • Single image
    • Carousel of images
    • Carousel of ads
    • Slideshow
    • Videos

When deciding which image or images will work best, remember to always pair your ad with graphics that represent the story you are trying to tell. Connect the image back to the value you are presenting to audiences.

When possible, you can also include a limited amount of text on the image to show the value. Facebook may reject ads that use too much copy on the ad, so use this tool to make sure you meet their guidelines before submitting your ad.

#7) Test. Test. Test.

As you write, keep one important thing in mind: You aren’t going to get your Facebook ads right the first time. The way to create high-converting ads is to test, test, test.

Run multiple versions of the same campaign to see what works best. Turn off low-performing ads, and put additional resources into high-performing ads. And, continue to test by making changes to your:

    • Audience sets
    • Call-to-actions
    • Images
    • Copy

#8) Tie it all together.

Facebook ads give you a chance to connect with a very defined set of your target audience. Jump on this opportunity to grow your audience and meet new customers.

But, remember: Facebook ads are just one piece of a larger lead funnel. To create a full-cycle marketing plan, your Facebook ads strategy needs to tie into all of your other digital marketing efforts and buyer stages.

For tips on how to bring Facebook ads into your complete lead generation plans, grab our free ebook on Digital Marketing.


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