Did you know that, on average, only 4% of first time visitors to a website are ready to make a purchase. That leaves 96% who may leave and never return.

Instead of letting them go and hoping they will return, there is a better way. Why not capture their information on a targeted landing page?

The gateway to turning that 96% into leads is through landing pages. These web pages are specifically designed to appeal to a certain segment of your visitors, providing them with valuable offers in exchange for their contact information.

The more landing pages you have on a website, the more specific you can get with targeted offers. And of course, more targeted offers convert at a higher rate, which directly impacts the number of leads collected.

While some businesses enthusiastically use landing pages, research shows that 62% have less than 6 of them on their websites, a clear indication that more landing page information is needed.

Understanding how to make the perfect landing page should help businesses better embrace this important piece of the lead nurturing process, and squeeze more leads out of existing traffic. The following is a list of the 9 most important elements of a landing page, that once tied together will produce a successful landing page for your company.

1. Eye-Grabbing Headline – The headline needs to grab your visitors and pull them into your landing page. It should convey the problems they are dealing with, along with a solution all in one thought. More than anything, it promises that being on your site will make a difference to their situation.

2. Sub- headline – Once you have their attention, the sub-headline gives them a little more information about the solution, and what they’ll be reading about by staying on your page.

3. Hero Shot Photo – A picture is worth a thousand words. A hero shot picture is worth even more. Your hero shot shows visitors what their lives will be like once they’ve purchased your product, downloaded your guide, or tried your service. It makes visitors feel better about their problem, because you are offering a solution they can depend on.

4. Bullets & Lists – Your landing page needs to be a quick and easy read. Bullets help break up the text, highlight the benefits of your solution, and guide them further down the page. It’s important to remember not to list features with your bullets, but the benefits of using your product.

5. Optin form – To collect contact information from your visitor, you need a form attached to an auto-responder. While the form itself may be plain, the use of graphics to draw attention to the form increases conversions. The text on the Submit button should be tested for optimal submissions. Unbounce advises readers to use a headline above the form to further encourage subscriptions.

6. Keywords – A landing page should have strategic placement of keywords through the copy, headlines and bulleted lists. The keywords should be included in meta tags, the title and the URL. This is specifically important for using the landing page with Adwords, but for general SEO as well.

Inside the actual copy of the landing page, the keyword should be mentioned once or twice, depending on the total overall word count. There is no reason to stuff keywords into the content for search engine purposes. Use of the keyword in other elements on the page is enough to establish keyword intent.

7. Call to action – Once your reader is done going through your copy, you need to tell them what to do next. A call to action does such as a button or big headline will do this.

It gives the reader precise, short directions for what step to take next. On the landing page this  will most likely be filling out the form, but the call to action shouldn’t say “Fill Out The Form, Now” instead it needs to be more compelling, such as:

  • Watch the Video Now!
  • Grab Your Download Today!
  • Get Access Right Now!

8. Great offer – What are you offering? In order to get visitors to fill out your form, download your product or watch your video you need to entice them to do it. A great offer will ease their pain, provide them a solution to a problem they have or be a discount on an in-demand product.

A well-positioned offer will immediately get shares on social media, subscribers for your email list, and feedback from your target market. The success of the entire campaign largely depends on the value of this offer making it important to take great pains to make it a no-brainer for your visitors.

9. No navigation – Navigation on your website gives your visitors an option to leave your landing page without submitting your form.

This leak can cause you to lose a large percentage of visitors because you are giving them too many options. While it may seem like a relatively simple step, studies have shown time after time that navigation on a landing page lowers conversion rates.

Landing Page Success

Your landing page is the gateway to introducing visitors to your sales funnel. Your conversion rate will directly be affected by the time and energy spent on perfecting your landing page.

How About You?

Have you used landing pages for your own business? What elements were most important for you? What helped increase conversions?

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