Are your leads regularly turning into clients for your business? If not, the most likely reason is that you suck at lead management. The good news is there are ways to fix this. In this post we discuss 9 ways you suck at lead management and how to fix each issue that is keeping your prospects from becoming clients.

1. No Immediate Follow Up – When a lead submits their information to your company, they should immediately receive some kind of follow up. This is easily done with an email solution that provides auto-responders (most of them do).

The follow up should provide any download links promised. It should welcome them as a subscriber, include links to socially share the download and offer to assist them in any appropriate manner your company can fulfill.

2. Nothing to Offer to Entice Leads – The acceptable format of enticing prospects is through a downloadable file they receive for becoming a subscriber. When companies overlook providing a front end content giveaway, they tend to have a lower number of leads come into their funnel.

3. Let Them Turn Cold – Although it seems ludicrous to let a lead turn cold, this is precisely what companies do. For various reasons companies will receive leads through their website and never do anything with them. The simple fix for this is to have a lead flow plan for dealing with leads and prospects.

4. No Plan – A staff that is unfamiliar with email marketing and lead management and does not have a plan in place to handle incoming leads will inevitably suck at lead management.

Not having a plan will likely result in committing every other mistake in this post. Which, in turn, will seriously hamper your company’s new business efforts. Planning is the most important step to effective lead management.

5. An Understaffed Sales Department – Without enough people on staff to handle incoming leads, they are overlooked and will eventually become cold. Companies need to keep tabs on the number of incoming leads and the capabilities of their sales staff to address each one. A website that is effective at turning visitors into leads will likely need to increase their sales staff.

6. Dropped Communication – Although no one likes to admit it, leads fall through the cracks. Too many emails come in, emails are caught in a spam filter, emails are overlooked because of time restraints, and other factors contribute to dropped communication.

To fix this, leads should be entered into your CRM program as soon as they are received. Or your lead program should be integrated directly with your CRM program. Adding the appropriate information and dates should alert the user to leads that need to be addressed in a timely manner.

7. Not Sharing Relevant/Unique Content to Keep Them Interested – Part of keeping leads warm is continuously getting in front of them to provide relevant content and useful information. Follow-up emails can be scheduled and broadcasted based on how long it has been since the prospect first submitted information. Newsletters are another way to keep leads warm.

8. Lack of Appropriate Tools – While mentioned in other items in this list, marketing information systems are enough of their own factor of lead management to be discussed in more detail. Tools will help employees save time, stay on top of leads, keep them warm and segmented, and transition them to conversions — if they are used appropriately. The sales staff needs to have access to effective marketing tools, along with the training necessary to use them. Consider software such as ActOn, Silverpop, Marketo or Hubspot that includes auto-responders, lead management, and email marketing to simplify processes and optimize ROI.

9. Not Segmenting Leads – Most companies have a handful of ideal clients. These clients do not all need or want the same information from you. As leads come in, they need to be segmented based on their demographics, personas, downloads they’ve requested, and where they are in the buying process.

Smart auto-responder programs, along with advanced content marketing strategies provide the best solution to accurately segment leads for optimal conversion.

Setting up your company website to generate leads is simply the first step in increasing income through the Internet. Lead management is just as important, if not more so, than collecting visitor information. Nothing is impossible once you have learned how to deal with leads – from increasing the food maniacs loyalty to converting mortgage leads into clients. To make the most of your lead generation plans, consider these 9 mistakes and take appropriate action to make sure they are fixed.


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