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As a top-performing B2B SEO agency in San Jose, CA, we know that B2B online sales are tricky.  B2B SEO doesn’t work quite like B2C, and often requires massaging to be effective.  However, that does not mean B2B SEO has to be a massive time or money sink. There are still ways to increase the effectiveness of your SEO without costing too much and giving you great payouts over time.
Here are a few of the SEO strategies HiveMind Studios uses with its own clients.

4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Your B2B SEO

Optimize your site speed

The speed of loading your website, on both desktops and mobile, is one major factor in your SERP rankings.  Google rewards fast-loading sites.  Fortunately, they also provide a free tool for analyzing load speeds, complete with feedback on which elements of your site cause the most slowdown or use the most data. Speed optimization is a pure win.  You’ll boost your B2B SEO, your visitors will appreciate the faster website, and you’ll probably save a bit on data costs too.

Analyze your competitors’ websites

Where the enemy is weak, be strong.  Make use of online tools or your own team’s coding knowledge to analyze competitor’s websites for factors like their own SERP rankings, loading speeds, use of meta tags, and keyword usage.  Free online tools make this simple and can yield a wealth of information about their strengths and weaknesses. Also, take note of their overall design aesthetic and writing style.  Look for ways to make yourself stand out.

Update old content

Good B2B SEO means constantly adding new content to your page — but that doesn’t mean it has to be 100% new.  Much of the time, you can update and repurpose older content and get the same boost.  Just be aware, the content still needs to receive actual updates; merely republishing the exact same article multiple times won’t bring any benefit.

Leverage social media to improve B2B SEO 

If you find yourself running out of things to tweak on your website, look to social media marketing!  Merely participating in social media discussions within your industry can be surprisingly effective at building your own reputation and driving more traffic to your website.  Also, websites that consistently see a lot of shares on social media tend to see SERP boosts as well —although the algorithms governing this behavior are mysterious, even by Google’s already secretive standards.

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