Lead Nurturing Tactics

Does your website send absolutely every web prospect to a long and prying lead nurturing form that asks for everything from “First Name” to “Buying Timeframe” to what they want inscribed on their tombstone?

While there is a place and a time for gathering detailed information, it is almost never at the first encounter with your prospects. Those are known lead nurturing tactics that scare leads away. Which means – that registration form darn well better not be the only call to action on your website!

What message are you sending?

As you well know, the majority of your prospects don’t come to you ready to buy or looking to engage in a sales conversation. Particularly in the B2B marketplace, they are more likely to come to you at some stage of information-gathering.

A long form demanding a lot of personal information conveys a message. It says: “if you fill out this form, we think you are seriously interested in buying, so we are seriously going to try to sell to you.”

While this might be fine for someone who is ready to buy, for the many who are still browsing or researching, it’s a turn-off. Given no other option to obtain information, chances are they’ll simply move on – and not look back.

This is not the action you’re looking for and is probably responsible (at least in part) for your less-than-thrilling lead nurturing response rates.

Keep them coming back for more

The companies who ultimately succeed in converting more of these prospects to paying customers are the ones who cater to their prospects’ information-gathering process.

They provide multiple ways and opportunities to get prospects the information they need – with forms that are appropriately tailored to the level of interest and commitment a prospect has already demonstrated.

These companies build trust with their prospects by being responsive and delivering relevant information in a timely manner, and keep them engaged through all levels of the sales funnel until they are finally ready to buy.

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