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Running your own digital marketing team in-house certainly has its own benefits. However, smaller firms might find it difficult to hire and train a team of marketing specialists. It can also be a drain on resources, which is why many software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies choose to employ a marketing firm to create a winning PPC campaign.

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As one of the leading PPC management companies in San Jose, CA, the team from HiveMind Studios wanted to share some of the insight they have with working with SaaS companies. Here’s how you can create a winning PPC campaign.

Preparation is Everything

Before embarking upon a winning PPC campaign, creating a solid plan will help ensure its success. A knowledgeable team will be able to help your SaaS company set achievable goals, like what you want to accomplish with your PPC strategy, such as improving lead generation, brand awareness, leads, and website traffic.

At this stage, it’s also important to determine what makes your company unique. SaaS is a competitive industry, so highlighting what sets your San Jose firm apart from others is essential. Be sure to offer potential clients a clear value proposition, as well as define your ideal consumer. Determine who they are, their preferred language, and anticipated conversion times.

Perform Targeted Research

This is where employing an experienced marketing firm really pays off. They’ll be able to offer expert advice into creating the right landing page content and ad campaign, providing everything from keyword research to selecting the best ad copy for your PPC strategy. They’ll also research your competitors to see how their campaigns have been constructed.

Providing the right enticement for your audience will help make your campaign a success, so researching what other SaaS firms are offering is always a good idea. Determine if your goal is to convert visitors to your site quickly into sales-qualified leads or whether you simply want them to agree to sign up for a free software demo. There are a variety of things you can offer: ultimately, you want to offer what will be most attractive to potential customers.

Launch Your Winning PPC Campaign

After laying down a solid foundation, it’s time to hit the ground running with your winning PPC campaign. There are a few different types of campaigns: branded, competitor, retargeting, and display campaigns. What works best for you will be determined by your unique goals. Branded campaigns are designed to improve awareness of your company and what you do by including keywords and your company’s product names. Competitor campaigns help highlight the advantage your SaaS company has over the competition and draws clients away from them to your brand.

Retargeting campaigns are for when you want to reach a potential customer that has already visited your site for one reason or another but hasn’t yet made that crucial decision to invest in your products/services. Lastly, display PPC campaigns employ a variety of different formats across more than two million websites through the Google Ad Display Network. However, since it’s a less-targeted strategy, there’s a possibility that even with such high exposure your conversion rate may be lowered.

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