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When introducing a new product, whether digital or physical, you must develop a sound plan to get customers interested. Not long ago, a simple mention of a new product to the press was enough to bring customers to your door, but these days for a product launch to be successful you have to work really hard not only to catch prospective customers’ attention, but also to keep them interested in the long term. 

Having landing pages ready and available ahead of a product launch is a key way to generate interest in a product or service and will capture leads. Click To Tweet

As you strive to stand out in the market, digital branding will aid you in reaching new clients, connecting with your audience and generally attracting more attention. If you are getting ready for launching a new service or product, these smart digital branding tips will help you create a storm of excitement and interest.

Capture product launch leads with a landing page

landing page testing

Having landing pages ready and available ahead of a product launch is a key way to generate interest in a product or service and will capture leads. The page will serve as an advertisement and as a digital hub which will connect to other resources surrounding your product before launch day.

Know your audience

It’s important to know and understand your audience and their needs so that you can target them effectively, and to make sure that you are sending messages to the people that will make the purchases. Speaking their language will help you to engage with them more directly. 

Master communication

By making sure that the information you give is clear, to the point, and interesting, and by providing answers upfront to anticipated questions, you will ease your client’s decision making process and increase sales, explains this progressive undergraduate program in creative advertising and branding. With this in mind, you should highlight why your product is better than your competitors, even demonstrate this with a side-by-side comparison. 

The importance of video

Videos have proven to be the most effective tool at capturing potential customers from landing pages, and converting their interest in to sales. The Corporate video production should be designed to help visitors decide to buy your product which on average will convince over 60% of them.

Capture clients long-term through a sign-up form

Your call-to-action should stand out and grab the user’s attention, and so should the all-important sign-up button which you can distinguish through use of color. You should make information enticing and let visitors know the rewards for signing up. 

Make use of social media for a successful product launch

For a successful launch, you must make people aware of your product. Social media is a key tool used for increasing awareness long before the product is available. Get people talking!

Engage customers through interviews

This is a great avenue for sharing information. It allows for instant feedback about your product and ideas in a live Q&A session which gets your customers engaging with you.  You can also share snippets of the interview or a summary of the content across multiple platforms.

Take the quickest route

Often we hear about news through twitter hours before any other outlet, making this a popular and essential platform for an initial release of information. Make sure to link to your press releases, videos, and other content.

Collaborate and influence

Influencers can help you gather a large audience very quickly and their involvement with your brand will create excitement. Allowing them to post temporary, eye-catching content will create a lot of curious clients and increase your fan base.

The final countdown

This will keep everyone aware and updated about your product launch and will build anticipation leading up to launch day. It’s a great idea to share news or media each day, make sure it’s creative and exciting.

Craft a product launch email campaign

Email newsletter

Once you’ve captured some leads generated by the landing page, you need to keep people interested and more importantly, keep them interested in purchasing your products and services. Setting up an email sequence is a good way to keep interest peaked and to guide clients through a sales channel. You can start things off with something as simple as an automated thank you message.

Show subscribers that you appreciate them

Subscribers can become early adopters of your brand if you nurture them properly. Award them with exclusive videos, or things like early access to make them feel like they are joining an exclusive club. 

Insider knowledge

You will always need feedback to know that you are staying on track. You can track your subscribers to find out who completed actions and how they were engaged along the way, giving you proper insight into the buying process. Engage with the more valuable active subscribers in particular, and ask them directly for feedback.

Make sales a sure thing

If your audience has been highly motivated to buy your products from your campaigning, then take advantage of the opportunity and take pre-orders. You can close the sale while they are at their most interested, thus, not allowing the chance to slip away.

It’s a great idea to share news or media each day; make sure it’s creative and exciting. Click To Tweet

Using these digital strategies to your advantage will help you convert potential customers into satisfied, loyal consumers, increasing brand awareness and maximizing conversions in so doing. Are you ready to make this happen?

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