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H&M uses creative re-branding marketing messages for stronger appeal to the luxury market.

Eager to crack the fast-fashion, low-prices glass-ceiling, H&M’s new brand positioning is changing the game. They’ve established themselves as an inexpensive shopping destination with fabulous designer collaborations, but they’re ready to grow their brand, their experience and their market share.

A recent (and excellent) blog post from the data-driven trend service, Editd, revealed that as H&M  “grows their pricing, they’re employing better storytelling to portray their brand.” Their creative brand ideas are putting them ahead of their competition and where consumers can easily find them. Some reports state that this move is directly related to their pricing structure. For H&M, this branding change has appeared in their customer emails. They’ve “adopted a much more editorial style of email newsletter than they have formerly used. Instead of featuring flat, clickable product images, with a price point and “shop now” link, they’re using a magazine format of stylized imagery with mood-setting text.”

New Branding Ideas Gain New Positioning

To attract a customer with deeper pockets, H&M knows that they need to rethink their messaging and brand positioning as a fast-fashion chain. In fashion, as in most industries, higher price points demand some form of explanation. Customers want to know why they should pay more; what’s different about a product; and what they’re getting in return. Without context, without a story, customers have a harder time understanding why they should pay more.

Madewell, another up-and-comer and sister to industry favorite, J.Crew, actually bought their own real-life story 17 years after the last Madewell factory shut down. They paid $125,000 for the logo and trademark, and have since posted $180 million in the fiscal year 2013. (Not too shabby. Read the full story here.)

Improved Storytelling Builds Brand Trust

H&M’s new branding ideas includes better storytelling. Better storytelling builds more brand trust, and more brand trust builds a more loyal customer base with deeper pockets. In short, consumer trust = consumer dollars. How we spend our dollars speaks volumes about what brands we believe in.

H&M’s Brand Value Recognized by Forbes Magazine

Forbes has placed H&M #33 in its brand value Top 100- right up there with Apple and Coca-Cola. Hennes & Mauritz was founded by Erling Persson in the year 1947 and its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, many people regard this brand as a design leader for providing fashion for the home, garments, shoes, belts, and jewelry fashioned for men, women, and children. The extent of their international brand strategy and recognition have prompted many studies to copy their creative branding success.

Don’t be Daunted by Brand Storytelling

The skill brand storytelling can be a daunting task, but is very powerful when performed well. Readers respond to emotional storytelling so and brands that know how to both entertain and intrigue the listener. That is a good reason to put this brand building technique in the forefront of your marketing initiatives.

As your competition jumps on the platform of organic web optimization, utilizing AdWords campaigns, and push out messages on social media, consumers in a specific niche may feel blinded by advertising over-saturation. H&M is capturing news headlines for sending messages that capture buy-in lead generation and push past the purely “commercial” feel.

5 Successful Brand Building Techniques you can Trust

1. Delineate Your Brand’s Purpose and Signature Statements

For buy-in it takes more than great products or services. You have to perfect how to articulate just how grand they are. Everyone loves a good story, so try communicating just WHY your company makes these great products. Become an artful storyteller to help the consumer identify with your brand, and why they would opt to buy from your company in the first place.

H&M tells story behind their brand. As a company that produces a successful line of clothing for women, they not only explain the product, they additionally focus on what it ACHIEVES for customers. You’re not in the business of selling a product as much as you are in the business of building consumer’s self-confidence by buying it!

2. Hear What Your Audience Wants from a Brand

Some “guess” fairly accurately at what interests their customers and prospects, but why take such a chance? Listen to them to the voice of the consumer to learn what drives their loyalties. Clue in through their interactions on social networks to assess what their everyday conversations are about, and then offer solutions to those topics in your brand storytelling.

Create digital marketing messages that connect with your brand with content they will connect with. Tell them the benefits of using your product or services for what they’re looking for. Based on their interactions with your brand and others, relate to the lifestyle they are searching for.

3. Explain the Differentiators That Set Your Brand Above Competition

It’s not all about preparing a story to counter your competitors, rather, simply clarify why your brand is uniquely different. Tell the story of how your brand does things above of the norm. Use the words of your current client that state just why you stand out. Let client review stat the problems can you solve that your competitors may miss. Don’t focus in an altruistic manner on comparisons that convey a keeping score posture; instead, make sure that your brand story is about differentiating yourself in your niche.

4. Formulate Marketing Messages that State a Brand Personality

Your brand needs a voice that connects with hearts! Tell your brand’s story from a people perspective versus a “dollar” message. Articulate the driving forces and your passion behind what your company does best. Convey what you what to do. Be more real than just a “product pusher”. Rather be about enriching your customers’ life, and they need to know that’s what makes your day.

Make sure your brand tone matches your positive intent that benefits “them”. Your brand storytelling efforts may be perceived as quirky, fun-loving, or problem solving. Know what aspect of your brand personality moves a consumer to choose you over your competition.

5. Craft Your Brand Story to Live Beyond You

Planning longevity for your business expressed that you not only care about who you are, but that you anticipate their needs and how your brand came fulfill them. A marketing secret that will allow your brand’s story to continue and iteration which involves telling that story through customer reviews and testimonials that highlight how your business has made a difference. Take the above example of H&M’s marketing success as an inspiration to entice your prospective buyer pool with strong brand storytelling.

Tell exactly how your brand had helped your customers achieve their goals and resolve their difficulties. Show how your business’s products have evolved over time in direct response to consumer feedback. Don’t just advertise a product as new and improved; craft brand storytelling messages that roll out just WHY you made these changes.

Fast-fashion retailer H&M’s collection with French luxury brand Balmain has led to a ruckus at retail stores, a crashed website, and price gouging on eBay’s website—all in the first day of the line’s launch. – Fortune Magazine

Hivemind Studios continues to find new branding ideas. We can help you improve your brand storytelling in a manner that increases the number of loyal customers.

With a bevy of designer collaborations under their belts, H&M is on the right track. They’ve even added an H&M Life section to their website menu. This new story is off to a great start. Real or embellished – HiveMind’s Branding Team is eagerly anticipating a happily ever after.

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H&M's New Branding Ideas Go After Luxury Marketshare

H&M Uses Creative Re-branding Marketing Messages

H&M’s New Branding Ideas Go After Luxury Marketshare



Author: Tom Lauck
Owner of Hivemind Studios
May 21, 2014
Updated:August 7, 2016

New branding ideas at H&M engage the luxury market. H&M’s new brand positioning is changing everything. They’ve established themselves as an inexpensive shopping destination with fabulous designer collaborations, but they’re ready to grow their brand, their experience and their market share.



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