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Do you have an amazing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that’s not getting the attention it deserves? If this sounds familiar, don’t despair, there’s a simple solution: hiring a firm that offers digital marketing services specifically for SaaS companies like yours. Fortunately, HiveMind Studios is always available to take on new clients and provide digital marketing expertise that assists with your growth objectives. 

But if you’re still not convinced of the importance of hiring a knowledgeable marketing specialist for your SaaS company in San Jose, perhaps the points below will help you make up your mind.  

4 Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your SaaS Company

1. Generating Recurring Revenue 

When you offer software as a service, generating recurring revenue is going to be the primary way your firm can grow and expand. Since customers don’t pay up front to use your software, your product needs to already be generating buzz before clients encounter it. This is where a great marketing firm comes in handy, making it easier to sell regular subscriptions. 

2. Collect Important Data 

Every company wants to generate long-term growth by retaining existing customers. However, there will always be prospects who for one reason or another, don’t return to use your product. A marketing firm can collect the necessary data needed to help you identify why customers are going elsewhere and what you can do to make more of them stick around. 

Driving signups can be done in several ways: everything from offering enticing deals to providing customers with information that's unique and educational.  Click To Tweet

3. Tracking Signups 

Many SaaS companies attract clients by offering free signups or self-service options. Ultimately, increasing the number of signups will help give your company staying power. Driving signups can be done in several ways: everything from offering enticing deals to providing customers with information that’s unique and educational. 

4. Measuring Unique Visitors Each Month 

By tracking the number of unique visitors to your site each month, you can gain valuable insights into the success of your SaaS solution and the effectiveness of your marketing plan. In addition, you can look at comments, email subscribers, and the amount of time a customer spends on your website. This data will be useful in determining future top-funnel campaigns. 

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