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Content marketing trends in San Jose, CA — and everywhere else in the world — are a constantly-evolving field.  The basics of inbound marketing and SEO don’t change, but the practical implementation changes constantly.  If you want to get the best return from your content marketing strategies, you should be willing to update your approach whenever new ideas are proven to be successful.

These are some of the content marketing trends HiveMind Studios has noticed as being successful in 2019, and potentially into the years ahead.

4 Timely Content Marketing Trends from San Jose Specialists

Content Marketing Trend #1. Targeting “micro-influencers.”

You’re probably familiar with the idea of social influencers, and that brands like to court the most popular social media personalities.  However, you don’t need to target top names for this to be effective.  Look for influencers who are relevant specifically to your market niche.  They don’t need to be world-famous, they just need to be considered noteworthy in your field.

If you can get a few micro-influencers on your side, they can bring in a lot of new traffic.

Content Marketing Trend #2. Adapting to voice-driven search

Use of voice-driven searches with virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are growing rapidly.  Most estimates suggest that roughly half of all searches will be voice-based within a year or two.  What does this mean?  For one thing, keywords will be less effective.  People are going to be searching using natural language.  Also, they will be asking a lot more questions.

If nothing else, look to tailor your content marketing around answering the questions your target audience(s) are likely to ask of their smartphones.

Content Marketing Trend #3. Precision-targeting of outlets

Simply put: there are far too many social media websites and other online outlets for a business to ever leverage them all.  Brands which set up social accounts willy-nilly are now suffering for it, as it creates the impression that they are dilettantes who can’t commit.  Use data analysis and online demographical statistics to determine which websites and outlets are most likely to contain your target audience, and focus on pushing your content to those platforms alone.

Don’t use the big players like Facebook or LinkedIn, unless you know for a fact that your market is there.

Content Marketing Trend #4. Moving away from click bait

Online users are becoming more and more savvy about click bait.  Try to avoid overly-sensational or deliberately obfuscated messaging in favor of higher-quality content that is precisely targeted for your audience’s interests.  You’ll get a much more favorable response that way.

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