Blogging can be your business’s best friend for driving traffic, converting leads, and improving your inbound marketing efforts.

How To Blog Better For Business – Start by boosting SEO rankings for your website. When executed effectively, you will be super charged by our inbound marketing strategies. Here are 7 quick tips to make sure you’re reaping maximum benefits from your blogging labors.

4 Key Tips for Businesses on Inbound Marketing

1. Don’t lose SEO credit: keep your blog close to home!

One of the key purposes of your blog is to generate SEO credit for your business’s website via social media and inbound links from readers who think your content is beneficial and worth sharing. These are key factors in search engines’ algorithms for search result rankings for any given topic and why blogging is a critical component of any solid inbound marketing strategy. One of biggest mistakes a business can make with it’s blog is by hosting it on a domain other than their own.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Let’s illustrate with an Inbound Marketing Close-Up:

If your business’s website is ““, “companywebsite” is the domain.

So, where should your blog live for optimal SEO benefit for “companywebsite? As a subdomain or a subdirectory of your company’s website:

i.e. “” or

What’s are some examples of getting this wrong?

In the case of, “companywebsiteblog” is the domain that benefits from your blog’s readerships, social sharing and inbound linking, not “companywebsite”.

Don’t be fooled by the lack of the typical “www” designation in front; using “” is no better. Here, “blogspot” is the domain that benefits from your blogging activities.

So don’t cheat your business out of all of the valuable SEO boosting inbound links that blogging can provide – keep your blog close to home!

2.Make smart use of post tags for inbound marketing improvements

Tagging your posts according to the topics they relate to helps keep your posts organized by the subjects your audience is most interested in. Keep in mind who your target audience is and what specific subjects they are likely to be interested in when developing your list of tags. For instance, this post might be tagged under “Blogging”, “Lead Generation” and “Inbound Marketing” as it relates to all three of these subjects. However, be careful not to defeat the purpose of tags by using too many variations of essentially the same concept, i.e. “search engine optimization”, “SEO”, and “organic search optimization.” Pick the one that is most likely to speak to your audience and stick with that.

3. Use the post-preview feature to advance your inbound marketing

Showing short snippets of your latest posts in a “post preview” or teaser format serves two purposes. It provides you with a chance to draw your readers into your blog post with minimal time investment on their side by just using tools to make creating a blog online a more easy process. You also allow your readers to quickly skim through a larger selection of your latest posts to find the subjects that interest them most, maximizing the chances they’ll connect with some content on your blog that they’ll then want to share, or subscribe to receive more of the same useful information. Moreover, if you take our advice from Tip #7, they’ll be more likely to see the relevant eye-catching call to action you included in your post and convert as a lead.

4. Incorporate social sharing and social follow buttons as part of every blog post

When a reader finds what you have to say in a particular post helpful or entertaining, chances are they may want to share it with their network of friends and colleagues too. Social sharing buttons allow them to do so to as many of their social networks as you choose directly from your blog post without having to navigate away.

there seem to be a few slight shifts in demand for certain marketing activities, which ultimately has an effect on where marketers are allocating most of their time. ~

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