Increase Traffic and Sales with Content MarketingPeople visit websites not to hear your sales pitch but to obtain content, either in the form of information or services. To increase sales leads with content marketing, you need to generate new case studies, whitepapers, research reports, press releases, blog entries, product updates, industry overviews, comparison charts, and more. Content must be:

Relevant – Don’t simply tell your story from your perspective. Create content that answers questions and satisfies the hivemind.

Fresh – The Internet is a dynamic and interactive environment. Users expect up-to-date content. Don’t make the mistake of stuffing your website with filler content that has been directly transplanted from print. Advertising copy seldom provides enough detail. Brochure copy drags on, assuming the audience will follow a linear progression of information. While public relations copy forgets to sell.

Well-structured – The content must be organized so that people can easily find what they are looking for.

While many types of content require objectivity, when you get the chance, make sure you tell your company’s story with some passion.

It’s easy to forget, but your company has an important story to tell – one that interests investors, customers and partners, a story with character, set in a particular place and time, with color, imagery, energy and perspective, a story that defines and differentiates. Finding this story requires time and effort, investigation and debate, filling-in and polishing.

You need to define your company’s story – its vision, values and intent – in a way that differentiates ideas, reflects passion, and confirms your organization’s relationship to the world.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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