The most effective place to generate leads online is through landing pages.

Statistically it has been proven that companies with over 10-15 landing pages for creative advertising get more leads than other businesses. But for landing pages to work they must be effective, and chances are your landing pages could stand improvement. Here we take a look at 7 of the simplest ways you can get more conversions from your existing pages, starting today.

1. Get Visitors to Hang On Your Every Word – At least to start with.

The most important element of your landing page is the headline and chances are yours is not that effective. There is so much you want to tell visitors in the headline, but instead you should think about what your visitors need to see:

A Bold Headline That Draws Attention & Piques Interest

The headline should be short, pack a powerful punch, and hold a visitor’s interest, most likely with a benefit.

2. Test, Compare and Measure Your Landing Pages

Always recommended and yet not done nearly as often as it should be, a landing page needs to be tested, tweaked, and tested again. This requires close monitoring of analytics, but it can help you move a landing page from a mere 10% (or less) conversion rate to a more appropriate 50% or more.

3. Dress Up Your Landing Pages with Engaging Content

Which of the following images grab your attention? The image on the left of text, or the image on the right of text and visuals. People have short attention spans and want to see something worth LOOKING at. Examine your landing pages. Do they entice with visuals or are they drab and boring? Use effective web content for online brand positioning and creative advertising visuals that appeals to viewers.

Ways to Kill It On Your Landing Pages

Images: Optimizely and Unbounce

4. Limit the Number of Landing Page Fields

Testing from multiple landing page experts has proven repeatedly that the more information you ask of a subscriber, the less likely they are to subscribe. When setting up your landing pages, ask yourself: “Do we really need to know this? Or, do we really want this subscriber?”

*Added bonus tip: People do NOT want to share their phone number. Only ask for it when you have a superb offer and plan to use it.

5. Change ‘Submit’

How many pages have you been to that display a simple Submit button? It’s time to change that. Use that button as a call to action instead. Make it match your offer; it makes a difference.

Which of these are you more likely to click on?

submit1 submit2

6. Remove Distractions

Landing pages have one purpose: to convert a visitor. Any other link, text, footer, etc. is a distraction from that. Limit navigational links to only those absolutely necessary (if there are no links, the subscriber has to close the page or enter their information to continue).

7. Make Your Offer Irresistible

Everywhere you look competitors are offering giveaways, free downloads, webinars, podcasts and a plethora of information.

This is great for them; it educates the visitor. But it isn’t so great for you. In today’s information market, you have to offer something that is more valuable than ever before. Make sure your download or information is irresistible to your visitor, as well as highly  targeted to their needs. You want the visitor to look at the offer and think:

“This Offer is Amazing. I Can’t Live Without It”

Landing Pages Summary

Your landing pages are the gateway to your sales funnel. They need to be an accurate representation of your company’s professionalism, while depicting the value you offer. Done right, a landing page should be able to get conversions of 50% or more. If your pages aren’t matching these numbers, implement some of these tips to achieve better results.

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