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Pay per click is more competitive than ever. The costs per keyword are directly affected by the number of competitors who are bidding on them, as well as the cost they are willing to pay. For this reason, you’ll see expensive prices for lucrative keywords such as mortgage loans, auto insurance, and real estate. With costs at $10+ per click, some industries are just difficult to infiltrate. Long tail keywords are the key to getting into these big industries, and any other, at a much lower cost per click while producing results for your pay per click campaign.

Pay Per Click Strategy: How to Identify The Best Long-Tail Keywords

There are several ways to choose keywords, but in this post we will discuss four that are best used for campaign goals.

Start Your Pay Per Click Strategy using Google Search Console

Using Adwords for your website gives you a Google account where you can access Google Search Console. This is now the only place to see all of the incoming keywords used by search visitors (outside of having a secure website). When you get visitors through search, you’ll see the keywords they searched with in this tool.

The benefit of using these keywords, is that you know your site is already ranked for them, and you should have a decent quality score, leading directly to a low cost per click.

A major downside to using Google Search Console to generate a list of long tail keywords is that the list is limited to keywords from which you are already getting visits. Ideally you’d like to reach others who aren’t already seeing you in search results. For this reason I make the following suggestions:

  1. Use these keywords and phrases as starting points. Make changes to them, such as the order of words in a phrase, and come up with very similar keywords that mean the same thing.
  2. Don’t use this as the only method for building your pay per click keyword list.

Long Tail Keywords Planner

Adwords offers another option to help you come up with your long tail keywords. Their pay per click keyword planner gives you lists of keywords you can research, and use in your campaigns. If you’ve never used it before, here are a few tips:

A good Pay Per Click strategy should start with 2 word keyphrases to begin your search. This gives you a nice root to play with, and will return several related terms. Make a list of those keyphrases, because you’ll want to search them as well. The further you drill down with each keyphrase, the more long tail keywords you’ll discover for the campaign.

Choose long tail keywords with at least 4 words. For instance: noise canceling stereo speakers for kids, dog training Labrador puppies, or plus size women’s tops. The more specific your keyword is, the more likely it is to give you results, at a low cost per click.

Use Your Website

Inside the Keyword Planner there is an option to insert the link to your website to see what keywords Google thinks your website is about. Going along with the thought process behind using Google Search Console, these keywords should give you the high quality score and low cost per click you need for a high ROI pay per click campaign.


The last suggestion I have is a quick cheat. Use a spy tool that lists the keywords your competitors are using for their own campaigns. Having these lists of keywords can save you time and money on testing, because if your competitor is going to continuously bid on them, they must be getting some return. Subscribing to tools like this can be invaluable to your campaign success.


While it is tedious work, identifying long tail keywords is the most effective and lowest cost way to syphon traffic from search engines. If the time investment for this kind of campaign is too massive for your business, perhaps we can do it for you. Contact HiveMind Studios to start improving results with a strong pay per click strategy today.

Long Tail Keywords

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