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More than 60 million business have Facebook pages, so we aren’t alone when we say that we love to use Facebook for business.

But, the reason why we love Facebook may be different from many of other brands that use the most popular social media platform in the world.

We love Facebook because of its powerful advertising features. 

While millions of businesses use Facebook, many fail to leverage this aspect of the social site. Only about 4 million (or 7%) of businesses on Facebook advertise on Facebook.

To show you why this is a mistake, here are the reasons why we love Facebook advertising and why you should too!

Hypertargeted and Retargeted Ads

Using ads through Facebook for business is incredibly powerful because it offers options for hypertargeting and retargeting audiences.

Hypertargeting is the act of showing ads to a very specific, defined audience. You can choose who you want to see your ad based on detailed demographics, interests, and online habits.

Retargeting is the act of showing ads to audiences who have already engaged with your brand. You can choose to show messages to only audiences who have visited your website, joined your email list, engaged with your Facebook pages, or performed some other interaction with your business.

Through hypertargeting and retargeting, businesses can create very effective digital advertising campaigns.

Because instead of sending ads out to a wide audience and hoping it hits the right eyes, you can display ads to exactly who you want. 

This marketing strategy can be used to effectively:

  • Promote content. You can boost posts to show your new content to the people who will enjoy it most based on their online habits and interests.
  • Generate leads. You can display ads that lead users into a compelling opt-in offer or giveaway that’s interesting to them. By requiring an email from the user before they can access the information, you can generate leads.
  • Initiate sales. You can draw audiences back to products or services they showed interest in by sharing ads for offerings that users clicked on or viewed but didn’t purchase.

Because you can contact exactly who you want to, Facebook ads allow you to design strategic promotions that match your audience’s wants, needs, and interest levels.

The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a social media tool that helps create laser-focused retargeting ad campaigns.

Facebook provides the code for the Facebook Pixel that you can add to your website. The code tracks user activity on your site. So if someone has a Facebook account and they visit your website, Facebook records their activities.

Using this information, Facebook can then target users with ads based on the activities they performed on your site. 

So, if a user visited your website and viewed your sales page but didn’t complete a purchase, the pixel allows you to specifically target them with a Facebook ad.

The Facebook Pixel is what allows Facebook to retarget audiences based on their activity on third-party platforms. To target people based on their activity on your website, you must add the pixel to your site.

Look-a-Like Audiences

Another tool that helps businesses find interested audiences through Facebook for business is the Look-a-Like Audience Tool.

The Look-a-Like Audience tool is a feature that scans a business’s current ad audience, reviews the audience’s characteristics, and finds other Facebook users who share similar characteristics.

In other words, Facebook takes a defined audience and builds another audience that “looks like” the original. 

This is an impressive social media marketing feature because it enables businesses to create audiences of people who will likely be interested in their brand’s products or services.

When a business is successfully using ads to generate leads or initial sales, they can create a Look-a-like Audience of the group that is responding to the ad. This process creates another set of people who are just as likely to respond to the ad.

Facebook for business creates audiences based on what you already know about your target customers, and then it enables you to expand your reach and create larger audiences using detailed data and analytics — which is we love it so much!

Facebook for Business and Beyond

Facebook advertising is just one of the smart ways to leverage online data and platforms to connect with potential customers and clients.

To discover other opportunities you may be missing in your digital marketing strategy, contact us by phone or email. We’ll help you maximize your effectiveness using Facebook for business as well as blogging, keywords, website optimization, and other popular social media sites.

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