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Nowadays, it takes more than having an eye-catching website to garner attention online: it’s also important that your website is functional and easy to use. That’s why many invest in professional website design services to keep their San Jose, CA, business ahead of the game. HiveMind Studios specializes in helping your company lower your bounce rate to remain at the forefront of their industry and expanding their brand.

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Below you’ll find some of the best tips for creating a website that keeps customers from going elsewhere.

Lower Your Bounce Rate by Getting Rid of the Clutter

One of the easiest ways to improve your bounce rate is to make certain your site boasts the fastest possible load times. Accomplishing this often means doing a bit of house cleaning on your site and getting rid of the clutter. First, try to truncate your image files and reduce the amount of bandwidth they require. Eliminating plug-ins you no longer need is also beneficial. Minimizing your code can also decrease loading times.

Create a “Conversion-Friendly” Site

You can cut back on bounce rates by ensuring that your site is adequately optimized for conversions. This means making it as simple as possible for customers to go from your landing page to purchasing your products/services; it needs to be easy to navigate and logically designed for conversions. Map out your user journey and make improvements to anything that draws attention away from conversions. Having easy-to-identify call-to-action (CTA) buttons is also key.

Employ Intuitive Design & a Visual Hierarchy

Ultimately, potential customers should be able to glance at your website and easily locate the information that’s most important to them. This means its design needs to be intuitive and display a visual hierarchy that’s thematic, including bold words, bullet points, graphs, and other eye-catching techniques that enable visitors to locate the most important information.

Always Include an FAQ Page

Making it as easy as possible for your customers to answer any of their lingering questions about your product is a great way to lower your bounce rate and avoid having prospects leave your site. You’re more likely to keep a potential customer’s interest piqued if they can simply find the answer on your FAQ page rather than call or email you; in this case, many will likely go elsewhere.

Utilize White Space

You’ve likely heard the term “less is more.” Well, this is incredibly important when it comes to website design. Be sure when working with your San Jose website design team that your site has adequate white space to give the eyes a rest. Effective use of white space will make it easier for potential customers to digest the important information they’re given and click through to continue their journey from the landing page.

Let HiveMind Studios help you lower your bounce rates & boost conversions!

Lower your bounce rates and increase web traffic by investing in the services available from HiveMind Studios. Call them today at (408) 266-3162 to learn more about their content marketing, branding, and advertising solutions. You can also fill out their online contact form.

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