There are various reasons, assorted catalysts and numerous “straws that can break the camel’s back” that trigger the need for a major re-evaluation of your marketing after a merger, acquisition or other marketing transition. You may have:

  1. Hired a new CMO (or CEO, CFO, or VP Sales)
  2. Acquired a company or a product line
  3. Divested your company of a product line
  4. Merged with a competitor

It’s at times of fundamental changes and major marketing transitions like this that your company needs to update its positioning to stay current with market trends in your specific industry, shed negative images, differentiate from competitors, or create a new entity (as a result of a merger or acquisition).

The marketing objective in this case is to discover or uncover and put a “face” on what makes your company and its products and services stand out from the crowd and why that “special sauce” is fantastic, relevant, and attractive. To be successful during major marketing transitions, you need to evolve your thinking about your company and its markets. It’s an excellent time to bring an outside team to help you see the “forest” for the “trees”.

Where do you begin? We think you begin by considering and answering the following questions:

12 Questions To Ask After Major Marketing Transitions

  1. What problem are we attempting to solve?
  2. Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting our growth potential?
  3. Has our customer profile changed?
  4. Are we pigeonholed as something that we (and our customers) have outgrown?
  5. Does our messaging tell the wrong (or outdated) story?
  6. What do we want to convey? To whom?
  7. Why should anyone care about our company, our products, our services?
  8. Have we isolated exactly who should care about our brand?
  9. Have their needs, or the way they define them, changed?
  10. Is our company out of step with the current needs and desires of our customers?
  11. Is the goal of this marketing effort evolutionary or revolutionary?
  12. If we were starting our business over today, would this be the positioning and messaging we would use?


What is the next step?

It might help to talk to an agency who has helped many companies reimagine themselves during major marketing transitions. That would be HiveMind Studios. If you give us a call, we can answer your preliminary questions and help you achieve success. Feel free to email or call. We look forward to helping.


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