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Rebranding Strategy Resembles a Camel

You’ve seen it before. Some companies are successful when acquiring or merging with other companies. But for some, it becomes part of a painful legacy. The business challenge of rebranding after a merger requires melding assets and liabilities. From boardroom to branch offices, “who we are, what we do and why it matters” is richer, more complex than ever before.

H&M’s New Branding Ideas Go After Luxury Marketshare

Eager to crack the fast-fashion, low-prices glass-ceiling, H&M’s new branding ideas are changing the game. They’re established themselves as an inexpensive shopping destination with fabulous designer collaborations, but they’re ready to grow their brand, their experience and their market share.

The Age of Unicorns: Building $Billion Brands

Ah, the unicorn. A mythical, magical creature with a beautiful shiny horn, a pristine white coat and gilded wings for flying. Sound familiar? I bet you’re not as familiar with the lesser known story of the albino rhino: a gigantic white, scaly, wingless, awkward beast with a crooked horn that lives alone. Sound familiar? No? Didn’t think so. The biggest difference between these two beasts? Branding.

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Why Search Engine Marketing Won’t be Going Away in 2012

It's hard to think of many businesses today that don't have at least some Internet marketing component to what they do. For most, a big part of that effort to find new buyers over the web will involve search engine marketing, the process of trying to improve a...

Internet Marketing Knowledge is the Key to Power

What you don't know certainly can limit your success. Expand your marketing vocabulary: It is true that Internet Marketing Knowledge is the key to powerful communications online. The other day, I was in a meeting and mentioned short codes, and everyone gave me a blank...

4 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Only Get Stronger in 2012

As we creep up on another new year, many of us will be focused for the next few weeks on figuring out which parts of our businesses we could be making stronger. This is especially true when it comes to online marketing. Not only is it always a tough item to budget...

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Resurrect Your Website Design to Increase B2B Sales Leads

Is your web site driving leads and business to your company? Is it reducing the cost of your marketing transactions? Does it project a global image? Almost every B2B web site we see is an underachiever; not fulfilling its huge potential to increase B2B sales leads,...

Using SEO to Optimize Website Design for Better Results

Tips to Use SEO to Optimize Website Design In the not too distant past, websites were created as a necessary evil to present company and product information. Today, however, you must optimize website design to ensure that your new or redesigned website drives leads...

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9 Ways to Truly Suck at Lead Management

Are your leads regularly turning into clients for your business? If not, the most likely reason is that you suck at lead management. The good news is there are ways to fix this. In this post we discuss 9 ways you suck at lead management and how to fix each issue that is keeping your prospects from becoming clients.

5 Ways Lousy Content Destroys Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a phenomenal way to get more business, more exposure and more leads. But it won’t work if you aren’t doing it right. The more companies get interested in attracting leads, the more inbound marketing content they churn out. A lot of this content is...