So you think you know social media. You’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. You have a posting strategy, a style, a tone of voice, and are building an audience.

Then along comes Pinterest, the fast-growing social network dedicated to helping consumers discover things they love.

I’ll tell you what: Pinterest is changing the social commerce game. Research shows that Pinterest users spend nearly twice as much money on follow-through purchases than users on other networks.

So to help you get started leveraging this new visual tool, here are some strategies to show you how to pull the pin on Pinterest Marketing so you can boost sales and create build lasting relationships with your customers.

Start with your website

Pulling the Pin on Pinterest MarketingAs with many social media and inbound marketing strategies, you should start with your website. Since Pinterest users love to share favorite products and wish list items, let them get started by encouraging sharing from your product pages. Enable them to pin and repin your products and they will increase the size of your audience. Showcase your most pinned items to increase awareness and encourage more action.

Make sure to add “Pin It”buttons everywhere: your website’s key pages, your emails, your other social channels, and any other digital marketing tactics you’re using. You can even use “rich” pins, which automatically include information like price, availability and reviews.

Develop your own pinning strategy

Now it’s time to create and curate some of your valuable content on Pinterest. This will multiply brand awareness, encourage user discovery, and help you grow a bigger base of potential buyers.

For best results, add a characteristic to your buyer personas that you might not have included before. Ask yourself what they are passionate about, then create boards aligned with those passions.

Scout out your competition and other leading brands until you have a feeling for how Pinterest users relate to these boards. In most cases, they share content that’s educational and practical.

The most popular Pinterest categories are babies, beauty, crafts, fashion, fitness, food, home decor, kids, pets, and travel. Seasonality also plays a role on what’s trending on Pinterest. Visual content around key holidays, seasonal changes, and current events drive up pins and repins.

You don’t have to limit your pins to your own sales items. Go ahead and add images you think are relevant and valuable to your target audience, even the ones that are not directly related to your brand.

Quick tips on pinning

  • Create visually stunning boards
  • Add pins to relevant categories to help users find your pins
  • Make sure images are high quality and vertically oriented
  • Create pins that link your latest blog posts, video content, and more
  • Pin consistently, and spread your pins out over time
  • Don’t forget to repin! Up to 50% of your content should be sourced from other users
  • Add hashtags to your pins to make this content searchable

Quick tips on Pinterest Marketing contests

If this all seems like a lot of work, remember that you don’t need to generate all the content yourself. One way is to crowdsource Pinterest boards through contests that prompt users to submit pins.

  • Provide examples of what you’re looking for
  • Make your entry forms short
  • Give entrants opportunities to follow your brand, but don’t require it
  • Make your copy clear, and provide easy to follow directions
  • Start with simple CTAs like “pin an image”
  • Move on to more involved CTAs once you’ve established an engaged audience
  • Make sure all call-to-actions follow Pinterest branding guidelines
  • Pick prizes that are on-brand and attractive
  • Promote your contests on other social channels, your website, email, etc.

Spark interest in your items and drive sales

Pinterest Marketing can also drive sales directly if you get proactive. Here are a few ways that have proved to be successful:

  • Give your followers a sneak peek of upcoming collections
  • Pin products as soon as they’re listed for sale on your site
  • Curate boards of your best-selling deals and gift guides
  • Make sure that all of these pins link directly to the correct item on your site

Get more revenue by measuring results

You can analyze Pinterest Marketing performance using their free analytics tool to understand what’s popular with pinners and which images are driving the most traffic to your site. This way, you can measure your brand’s pins, repins, impressions, reach, clicks and website visitors. And you can also see what boards your website items appear on, how the pins are described and what people pin along with your items. All of these insights will help you make smarter choices about what items you pin in the future.

Pinterest garners over 70 million users and is changing the way we interact with and consume information. Don’t wait another minute! Start leveraging opportunity with this powerful social and e-commerce tool!


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