Say hello to a new breed of Quantum Commerce shoppers.

Shaped by the decisions they make and the opinions they share and the ways they connect.  These consumers shop with their thumbs faster than you can say “Add to Cart.” They value the opinions and reviews of their peers, they post regularly on social media, and they expect brands to be as entertaining as they are educational.

Where does this leave marketing? Well, it leaves old-school marketing in a dusty, unused alley. It leaves branding on shaky ground. It leaves rudimentary segmentation in the dirty clothes pile. And it leaves websites in the junkyard.

You’ve heard all this before. But 2015 is the perfect storm for quantum commerce, blending vastly increased mobile usage, with mature social media channels, and with customers who exist seamlessly across a combination of physical, digital, and social environments.

Rediscover People

It starts by embracing a new paradigm of how brands connect with people, when people can browse, compare, share and buy anytime, anywhere. You need to understand that the path to purchase has changed. It’s complex and nonlinear, which requires a serious rethinking of channels, targets, personas, content, and social media.

Take time to understand this new consumer. It will pay off in spades. Learn how people move through the world. Personalize the experience by asking yourself how you would want to be approached with new products and services.

Research can only take you so far. It’s not the data, it’s the interpretation of the data that helps unearth insights. You have to apply imagination at every level of the process.  Successful companies will use zero-based budgeting to re-plan their marketing from scratch.

Generate Quantum Commerce Branding Ideas

Quantum commerce will engage with these new consumers in fresh imaginative ways, offering the right content, idea, or entertainment at precisely the right times and in the right places.

This is where hiring an agency can help. By tracking seemingly small patterns of change in consumer behavior, an agency can help you find quantum patterns in a complex world. The dots are there, but to most people, they look like astral phenomena. You have to see beyond the dots and find the patterns. You have to identify those moments or points of influence where new fresh ideas can have a significant effect on behavior.

Great Ideas That Are Unexpected

One great idea can propel a brand for years. It used to be that the ideas we created went into outbound media—radio spots, TV commercials, newspapers and magazine ads. Today, of course, the list is a lot longer and more digital. Today, with quantum commerce, it’s about creating the right thing. The unexpected thing that people notice. The dramatic idea that will turn on a light in a person’s head and change behavior. The entertaining idea that will make someone smile.

Today, we develop fresh, new concepts that have the permeable power to engage, persuade, infuse, and entertain. We break through the noise with social contests and campaigns that are as insightful as they are engaging. We hatch top shelf ideas that elevate discussion and inspire action.

And Did We Mention Results?

New consumer clients come to us brimming with expectations for traffic, leads, pins, calls, clickthroughs, Likes, Tweets, and hope. They’re proud of their brand and they want to share brand stories that treat people with respect, that give them credit for a sense of humor and perspective, that never talk down to them and that work like crazy.

Hector and Lola


As an example, we recently starting working for a fashion commerce store called Hector & Lola, named after two Siamese cats. The company sold French-styled cashmere sweaters and cardigans. With little or no branding developed, they planned to launch their 2014 line of cashmere in the United States for the first time.

Long story short: we capitalized on America’s infatuation with French styling. We used the tagline: “One stitch slower to French.” And we ran a campaign for “Insta French” in social media channels supported by the website. We also took advantage of their cat fancy and wrote blog posts ostensibly penned by Hector and/or Lola.


facebook layout 1

Selfii.ME is another example of taking branding a step further. This new client was developing a photo and video sharing app that also had gaming possibilities. Although the name was already decided, we created the tagline “Share UR Crazy” and ran a mixed-media campaign that started a conversation about sharing the crazy part of your life. With digital billboards on Times Square, and a strong presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+, we secured critical funding for this new app, destined for greatness.

We live in a quantum commerce world. Is your brand ready for the leap?

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