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An irresistible lead magnet is the one that momentarily grabs the attention of buyer personas and delivers genuine value to them. By winning over your potential customers with a skillfully crafted free offer, you are making them more interested in your paid offers. Conversely, the effect of a lackluster lead magnet will be quite the opposite. In the following article, you’ll learn how to avoid the latter.

Forming Your Buyer Persona

The gravest mistake marketers tend to make with lead magnets is trying to grab the attention of too many people, which is why you should do the exact opposite – your lead magnet has to be ultra-specific to those you want to attract. If your lead magnet is irrelevant to the needs and preferences of your targeted buyer persona, they are hardly going to download it.

Identifying Your Value Proposition

Once you’ve established your target prospects, you need to offer them a convincing reason to get your lead magnet. The quantity of leads your magnet generates depends on the promises you make to your prospective leads. Naturally, the most effective value propositions are about something that your prospect already needs, demanding considerably less persuasion on your part. Instead of attempting to come up with something you think they might want, determine what they already need and provide it.

Giving Your Lead Magnet a Name

Now that you are familiar with what exactly you’re offering and to whom, naming your lead magnet shouldn’t be that hard. In essence, your title is a headline for the value proposition that your buyer persona is interested in. Similar to writing a captivating headline for marketing a blog post or email, the title of your lead magnet can have a huge impact on its conversion rate.

Choosing the Type of Lead Magnet

With the name in place, you now have to decide on the type of lead magnet that will compellingly deliver your value proposition. Here are some pointers to facilitate your selection:

Keeping it simple – An excessively complicated lead magnet simply defeats the purpose. If no one understands what you’re saying, they can’t fully appreciate it. Make sure it’s simple, concise and value-packed.

Focusing on your strengths – Are you comfortable on camera? Video is most likely your format. Camera hates you, but you sure know how to write? Go for an eBook, instead.

Prioritizing rapid consumption – You want to address your buyer persona’s issue ASAP, as this will give them a quick and easy win (which you promised, btw) and move them down your funnel faster. Decide on a format that enables quick delivery and consumption.

The lead magnet options are seemingly countless, but most of them fall under these seven categories:

  1. Resource list/toolkit offers a single, comprehensive piece of reference material that the buyer persona can use repeatedly, without having to browse for all those resources and tools on their own.
  2. Free trial gives people the opportunity to try before they buy, so make sure you design an offer that converts.
  3. Cheat sheet performs well because it provides tactical pieces of information that can save your prospect a considerable amount of time.
  4. Video training is a particularly engaging format, provided that you are confident in front of the camera and know exactly what you can teach.
  5. Discount works best for businesses selling physical products, allowing you to get repeat purchases from your customers.
  6. Quiz is an effective format only if it actually solves a problem. For conversion rate optimization, remember to offer your prospects the opt-in form once they’ve finished the quiz.
  7. Sales material is specific information that the buyer personas already interested your offer use to make a purchasing decision.

Lead magnets are exceedingly common in inbound marketing, for good reason: they can work very well, yielding your business those much-needed conversions. As you work on creating your lead magnet, remember who your prospects are and what are you promising to them. Bearing these two things in mind, the process can actually turn out to be refreshingly straightforward.

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