Social Media Posting is a Two-Way Street.

Social media posting – everyone is talking about it. Especially you – because you rule the social scene. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… You’re so there. You’ve even managed to hook a healthy number of followers everywhere you go (Duh. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with you?).

And it’s your mission in life to make sure your adoring fans know all about every awesome facet of you – which of course you do religiously: with social media posting multiple times a day on multiple social platforms. Can’t risk them missing the message, right? You’re doing them a favor by giving them every possible opportunity to get one step closer to being your BFF forever. But lately, you’ve noticed an unsettling trend – your “fans” are dropping like flies – dropping you that is. What the Facebook?!

Unless you’re Lady GaGa, it’s likely that your business has become a Self-Absorbed Socialite that your friends/fans/followers are sick of hearing about.

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If your social media posting tends to constantly rehash the same topics (specifically “you”), if they tend to feature only self-promotional content, or if you generally ignore any public responses to your posts – this means you. Even if your followers haven’t taken formal action to sever relations, if they are largely unengaged you’re in no better shape. Social media is only as effective as the number of people who are actively engaged with you. A large following of uninterested fans is worse than no fans at all.

It’s time to come to terms with the fact that you’re not at the center of your followers’ universe – and they will dump you or tune you out if you don’t start earning their interest, respecting their time, and acting like you give a damn (because you should).

Do’s and Don’t’s for Brand Social Media Posting

Here are the top do’s and don’t’s for social media posting to ensure that your business avoids falling into the trap of the self-absorbed socialite:

Don’t: post only marketing-centric self-promotional material. It gets old. Fast.

Do: intersperse your marketing messages with other relevant and engaging content. Pictures, video, useful tips or facts, etc.  Give your followers a reason to stay tuned, by giving them more of what they want from you – useful and entertaining stuff.

Don’t: ignore comments or posts from your followers – even if they’re unflattering. Short of something that clearly qualifies as spam or is inappropriate for other reasons, a response is always warranted. Social media is about a two-way conversation, not just a one-way sales pitch.

Do: acknowledge your followers’ posts and comments directed at you – positive and negative alike andalways respond politely and helpfully to criticism or complaints. Showing that you care enough to respond and attempt to remedy an unpleasant situation is actually one of your most powerful tools in changing an unsatisfied customer into a loyal follower – and winning many other new referral-based leads as a result. Responding to the positive comments is good incentive to your followers to keep the warm regards coming – something no business should turn its nose up at.

Don’t: despair if your followers aren’t hanging on your every word. Social media requires a consistent effort and the returns aren’t instantaneous. It takes time to build the kind of momentum that translates into tangible business gains.

Do: be patient and consistent with your social media posting efforts. Experiment with a variety of types of posts – anything from links to polls, facts, to pictures and videos – and take advantage of social media analytics, such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics’ Social Reports, to determine which posts are engaging your followers the most and build on that.

The moral of the story: to not only retain but build your social media following, exercise a little social savoir-faire and avoid being a self-absorbed socialite.

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