Millennial marketing is the topic of the hour over here at HiveMind Studios.

Set to overtake the baby boomers this year as the largest living generation, it’s no secret that if you’re not tuning into how millennials think, tweet, post and share, you’re falling behind. The key to cracking millennial marketing may be in how they use social media networks and which social networks they favor.

Market Your Brand and Win Millennial Loyalty

HiveMind Studios offers insights on how to market your brand and win Millennial loyalty. Reaching a specific demographic, such as the Millennial population, has always been a key to success for precise and effective marketing. New social channels continue to emerge and content influencers launch and gain popularity, this marketing task becomes easier to accomplish with better accuracy. Instagram continues as a lead performer to push out communications that reach Millennial buyers.

For anyone who’s dabbled in social media, you know that these platforms are changing the way we communicate and consume information. They provide an unprecedented level of immediacy, intimacy and portability that helps dissolve barriers between people, brands and institutions. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s quite a rush when a big brand like Sephora favorites and retweets something I’ve shared. But it’s not just the affirmation that’s exciting, it’s the accessibility to previously untouchable channels of communication that keeps me coming back for more.

Mary Meeker’s Trend Report

Mary Meeker’s latest marketing trend report names Instagram the king of social networks for millennials. The platform has been testing advertising for a while now by adding swappable image galleries and sponsored videos, so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of us can start paying to promote content. Meeker reports that 87% of young adults – or those between the ages of 18 and 24 – who own smartphones report never separating from their mobile devices. And an “overwhelming majority – about 75% of 18- to 34-year-olds – report that they use their cameras to post pictures to social media.” Meeker concludes that millennials are most interested in “taking pictures of the world around them, and injecting those photos into and across the screens that consume their mornings, days and nights.”

The big question then, is how to leverage this screen time for best millennial marketing practices. Personally, I think there’s something pretty powerful about posting photos of “everyday people” using your products. Whether through contests or hashtags, empowering and connecting with consumers is a great way to inspire brand loyalty. When a brand goes the extra mile to connect with me or thank me for my loyalty, for example, I’m twice as likely to buy from them again. And I’m inspired to post and share fun, well-choreographed photos and videos to my friends and followers of brands that I trust. This kind of free advertising is worth its weight in gold!

Social Media For Millennials

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. A well-coordinated, well-written, well-photographed social media strategy is where the magic starts to happen. Millennial marketing doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, but it does take time to understand what motivates, inspires and influences this generation. And we’re here to help! Sound off in the comments section below! What part of millennial marketing confuses you? What social network do you need the most help with?

HiveMind Studios offers expertise on how to best use Instagram influencers and reach millennial audiences with content they are seeking. Our digital marketing techniques are a key way to increase brand awareness as well as on-line sales.

While advertisers wait to utilize Instagram ads, Instagram marketing through influencers is the most efficient way to reach the millennial audience. ~ Mediakix

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Millennial Marketing

The Instagram Economy: Millennial Marketing

Millennial marketing is the topic of the hour at HiveMind Studios.

Author: Tom Lauck
Owner of Hivemind Studios
October 14, 2013
Updated: August 7, 2016

Set to overtake the baby boomers this year as the largest living generation, it’s no secret that if you’re not tuning into how millennials think, tweet, post and share, you’re falling behind. Here’s how to use millennial marketing for your brand to win Millennial loyalty.


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