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Web design trends move quickly, but whenever you’re designing a new site, you want to be as forward-looking as possible.  That’s why getting some expert advice beforehand is key. At HiveMind Studios, it’s our job to predict top online trends and we’ve gathered a bit of insight for you.

Of course, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all website design, and fundamentally, your site should be built around your company.  But as one of San Jose, CA’s leading web design and marketing agencies, we want to give you a few pointers.

Page layouts are shifting to be thumb friendly: move interactive elements away from the sides and more towards the middle of the page, to fall naturally underneath a scrolling thumb. Click To Tweet

Below you’ll find some of the top design trends we’ve noticed so far in 2019.

5 Hot Trends in 2019 Web Design

1 – Thumb-focused layouts

Unlike a simple aesthetic trend, we think this one is going to become a mainstay — at least as long as smartphones are the most common device used for web-browsing.  Page layouts are shifting to be thumb friendly.  In particular, interactive elements are being moved away from the sides and more towards the middle of the page, to fall naturally underneath a scrolling thumb.

2 – Glitchy/Vaporware elements

This popular online stylistic trend is often called “vaporware,” after the music genre that spawned it. The aesthetic starts with 80s-inspired designs and color schemes, but deliberately introduces “glitchy” elements which resemble data corruption such as JPEG/DVD compression errors, obvious chromatic aberration, or the fuzzy look of old worn-out VHS tapes.  If you’re looking to target tech-savvy Gen Zs and younger Millennials, this is a good starting point.

3 – Serifs 

For years, the rule of thumb was to only use san serif fonts on webpages, for the sake of readability, with only the artiest of sites making use of serifs.  Now, they’re becoming more common – particularly in headlines, captions, and content marketing elements intended to stand out.   We still wouldn’t recommend serifs on your main body copy, though.

4 – Video backgrounds

We’re seeing a lot of full-screen video backgrounds appear, and it’s not entirely surprising given how dramatic and eye-catching they can be.  But be careful!  Without careful file management and compression, these can be extremely data-hungry.  Don’t let your website be slowed down, or turn into a mobile data hog, just for the sake of flashy effects. 

5 – Heavy use of black & white

B&W always invokes a classic/classy feel, and it can be a good fit for a webpage – particularly if you want to also include a few colored elements which will truly pop off the page.  However, this style can also feel dreary or pretentious, so use it with care. This is not a look for high-energy brands.

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