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Web Design Secrets for Business Success On-Line

HiveMind Studios won’t just promise you a brilliant web design, that you and viewers love.

Thoroughly understanding design options and which ones are best for you and your vertical, is our skill. All the web design secrets in the world fall short if you are unsure which ones to use or how to implement them. We make your discovery journey easy as you embark on a full web redesign.

Web Design Secrets Part 2: Design & Usability

Taken from eBook Web Redesign Success Secrets for 2015
A website represents the first contact point for many prospective customers. It shows, in a nutshell, how professional your organization is, and how it understands its own branding and identity. It’s not enough to present a professional image. Your website represents who you are and what you offer. When people see it for the first time they’re asking several questions

Web Design Secrets Revealed that Answer Buyers Needs

* Am I in the right place?

* Is this site credible?

* Is it trustworthy?

* Is this a professional company?

* Is this company stable?

* Does this site make me feel welcome?

You need to anticipate these questions and make sure that your design meets the basic needs of the web visitor. Recent studies demonstrate that visual design may be the first test of a site’s credibility.  But to be effective, your website design should focus on several strategic values.

Branding Woven into Website Design: Your First Impression

* Branding value – not only identifies your company, it also lets visitors know they’re on your site.

* Impact/news value – gives people something to talk about. If your site always has something fresh and newsworthy, you will constantly attract new visitors.

* Audience/community values – are a reflection of a site’s ability to satisfy the target audience.

* Competitive values – are features that keep you ahead of the competition.

* Design value – means that a designer with a strong aesthetic and concern for the visitor has translated the company’s objectives into a visual experience.

* Content value – means that editors and contributors have prepared content for display on the Web, rather than merely repurposing content from other sources.

* Utility value – means people can do things on your site, such as buy products, fill out forms, etc. It also means that the site responds quickly, solves problems and that all links work.

* Organization value – organize page elements within the structure of a grid (as opposed to randomly scattered).

Maintain Consistency

Templates are a dirty word in web design because everyone assumes that they need a unique web design. According to our source at Web Wizards of Perth, this is a false preconception. The truth of the matter is that almost all websites follow a predictable structure. Typically, most websites will use incorporate a minimum of three layouts: one for the homepage, one for secondary content pages and one for landing pages with forms.

On secondary pages, the consistency of a page layout adds to confidence and credibility. Different types of information appear in logical places consistently from page to page. Other items that need to be consistent include colors, fonts, and navigation.

Using the Right Images

What purpose do images serve? If you choose relevant images, they can also add to credibility. When people visit a web page, the image should reinforce that they have reached a page of the right subject matter, with the potential to provide valuable information.

On product pages, it’s obvious that you should show the product. On service pages, you might show the industry, or something that relates to the specific service being presented.

In most cases, you want to avoid those stock smiling people shots that appear far too often on websites, taking up space without providing value. Remember that every image on your site is being processed by the web visitor, consciously or subconsciously. Make sure the message is correct.

Animation and Accessibility

Animation should be used sparingly on any site. Too many animations are distracting because the visitor doesn’t know what you’re trying to emphasize.

According to Sydney Animation Companies some simple animations are accomplished using animated file formats that shuffle images with abrupt transitions. They are also found in simple banner ads. These are more accessible for mobile devices, including phones and tablet devices like the ipad, but the animation is crude.

More complicated animations can be accomplished with jQuery, which is also standards compliant and accessible on mobile devices.

The newest technology for animations is HTML 5, but this is only compatible with the newest browsers.

One of the Web Design Secrets you may not know, is that the one technology to avoid on your website is Flash. This is nothing against Adobe, which markets and sells Flash technology. It is simply because Flash is not compatible with SEO best practices or with mobile devices.

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